Samsung’s best tablet lowers its price by €280: it has no rival!

samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra pc components

The samsung tablets that we bring today on offer is not just another device, it is something totally different. It is a tablet that will practically act as a computerbut with the advantage of being tactile and have a stylus. Which, in addition, is included! And for almost €300 less than its original price.

We are talking neither more nor less than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra . This heavily discounted in PcComponentes, nothing more and nothing less than 21%. In addition, it includes in the pack the stylus and a fast charger. With which we are talking about an offer that is, almost, a gift.

For those who were looking for a laptop, but lighterplus powerful and more versatile, this is the best option. It is a device designed to play, work, draw and experiment. A true all-terrain tablet that will not resist anything you do, with which you will never notice latencies and that she will always be ready for anything. Do not miss it!

It is the best Samsung tablet by far!

But why do we say that it is the best Samsung tablet? Basically because their specs so they show it. You just have to take a look at the processor that it hides inside, and that will remind you more of a computer than a tablet. We are talking about a Qualcomm Snapdragon 898, a real beast in terms of speed. It has eight cores with which you can move even the heaviest apps. if you want to edit videos or photographs, this tablet is yours.

There are different models regarding RAM, so you can choose the one that best suits you. This one in particular has 8 GB of RAM and 126 GB of internal storage, but you can go for more if you think so. You can have up to 16GB RAM!

One of its great advantages is that it is very very light. It has a large screen, 14.6 inches, but weighs just 700 grams. So it combines the size of a laptop with the lightness of a tablet. You won’t be able to ask for anything more! The fact that the screen is so big also helps that you can easily draw or write with the pen. By the way, he has a 120Hz refresh rate. And that is also a plus that you should take into consideration! Especially to play video games with the greatest fluidity.

More power, more screen, more battery

By having the S Pen, you can get the most out of this tablet. Take notes, design tattoos, edit photos… It has nothing to envy the iPad Pro, and it costs much less! Go for it taking advantage of the discount it has right now in PcComponentes. Because the page is celebrating the black friday, and it is the perfect time to buy everything you wanted at the best price. Although it is usually around €1,300, right now you can get it for just €999. Only in this linkand for a limited time!