Save on your electricity bill with this WiFi power strip on offer

WiFi power strip on offer

At present, it is more and more common to find both plugs and smart power strips, which allow us to configure them so that they can be turned on or off automatically when we need it. In this way, by having various devices connected to the power strip, we can turn them off comfortably from our smartphone or through voice commands. Interesting, right? Well now you can buy one of the best-selling WiFi power strips on Amazon at a devastating price .

Saving energy and therefore saving electricity bills is one of our main concerns. With the help of an intelligent power strip we can achieve it. Keep in mind that we are going to connect all kinds of devices and products that consume electricity to them even when we are not using it. This supposes an unnecessary waste of energy and an increase in the price to pay. Thanks to WiFi plugs we will be able to conveniently switch off all connected devices and even from bed. Keep reading because it will surely interest you.

Control all devices comfortably

This WiFi power strip of the Nivian brand has 3 power outlets intelligent control, as well as 4 USB ports located within the set. It is perfect to use both at home and in the office and it is tremendously easy to control since we only need to connect it to our WiFi connection. We can configure and control it remotely through voice commands since it is compatible with assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We will also be able to control it using our smartphone where we must have its Tuya application installed. From it we can turn on and off the different devices that we have connected such as light bulbs, a humidifier, a heater, etc. Through the connection of all Nivian Smart smart devices it will be possible set up automated scenes with which to make our day to day easier.

Wi-Fi Power Strip Nivian.jpg

It should be noted that this WiFi power strip has CE certificate so that we can use it with complete peace of mind. In addition, it has overload and surge protection, so it is ready to protect any electrical device that is connected.

Great price for this WiFi power strip

As we have been able to verify, this smart power strip is perfect for connecting all kinds of devices, either by plug or USB port and control them remotely. It is a very practical device that is especially useful for the elderly or those with certain mobility problems. Being able to control the turning on and off of appliances will save us a lot of money on the electricity bill.

And best of all is its price, because we will be able to buy it on Amazon for only €19.99, which make it one of the best-selling products on the platform since it is suitable for almost all pockets. Also, if we are Prime members, we will enjoy free shipping. If we are not, we can get free shipping if the value of the products in the basket reaches €29.