Save space on your Mac by enabling these options

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If you want to optimize the storage space of your Mac to the maximum, in this post we are going to explain a series of very simple options, with which, without realizing it, you will notice how you have more free space on your SSD. So if you want to know them, this post interests you.

How to save memory on Mac

Before we begin, we are going to point out something important: in this post we are not going to use iCloud at any time. The parameters that you are going to see are used to optimize the local memory space of the computer. So we will only talk about the management of files and applications on the local SSD hard drive of the Mac.

If we have bought a Mac with “little” memory, and in a medium-long period of time, we notice that it begins to fill up, we may be overwhelmed if we realize that the memory of all Mac models sold in recent years can not be expanded. Although we can use cloud services or external hard drives, our computer will always need enough memory space to house files and all the applications we have installed.

That is why, if we want to maximize the local storage of our Mac, we have to go to System Settings > General > Storage. In this section we will see, first of all, an indicator of how much space we have full in the local memory of our Mac.

It is important that you know that you will not see the consumed iCloud storage space here. But it will show us the space of our SSD. If we have partitions, in this case, they will also be shown to us. To do this, click on the All volumes button. But we can only manage the files and applications that we have installed and saved in macOS. If we have a Windows partition, we won’t be able to do it from here.

Then, just below, we see a section in which we are shown three options. The one that interests us is the first of all. Automatically empties the Trash makes every 30 days your Mac automatically delete all the files that we have in the recycle bin. And if we are used to always having the trash can full with lots of files, we are going to notice a lot of the difference. And best of all: we are not going to have to do absolutely anything else. If we already have this option activated, the most likely thing is that two things will happen: that we will not see this option, or that it will be shown to us together with a green check mark. If this happens, you already have this option activated.

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The next thing we are going to see is in the list that we have immediately after. Here the Mac shows us how much each thing we have occupies, depending on whether they are applications, documents, downloaded songs, photos, etc. The mechanics work the same in these sections. Press the information button located next to the memory size, and a list will open. In that list, we will see the detail of everything we have stored. To clear space, we simply have to click on the item we want to remove or uninstall. And, automatically, it will be deleted from Mac.