Say goodbye to phantom consumption and save electricity with this WiFi power strip

Wi-Fi smart power strip

The increase in the electricity bill is one of the biggest concerns that we currently face. Therefore, everything that allows us to save energy is well received. A very common expense that we never notice is what is called phantom consumption. This is the one that produces electrical appliances when they are plugged in, even if we are not using it. This is something that we are going to be able to avoid with this smart power stripwhich also has an additional discount of €8.

And it is that, in Spain, each household consumes about 300 kWh of electricity per year, of which phantom consumption takes between 7% and 11%. In order to eliminate it, it is necessary to unplug the appliances when we are not using them. As this can be a hassle, nothing better than using this WiFi power strip compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Wireless power strip with voice control

It is a smart power strip 2400W and 10A with remote control through its free application compatible with both Android and iOS devices. We are going to be able to use it to turn on or turn off our connected devices so that we will avoid the standby and the extra cost due to the so-called ghost effect. Its length is 1.8 meters.

It is also compatible with voice control, which makes it possible to use it with Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, Google Assistant, Google Home, Nest Hub, Nest Audio and Nest Mini. This will allow us to directly manage all our connected devices to enjoy a more comfortable and intelligent life.

But not everything is based on being able to turn devices on and off manually, but it also allows us to create custom scenes, so that we can set different schedules like timer or countdown. In this way we will be able to adjust the switching on and off of the devices according to our day-to-day routines. For example, we can test that the heating turns on before we get home or that the lights start to come on as it gets dark.

WiFi smart power strip at Amazon

The strip has a total of 4 smart outletsas well as 4 USB ports that we can use to conveniently charge any device such as tablet, mobile, etc. These USB ports only support unified control, and they can all be controlled individually. we will be able to control remotely whenever we are connected to the Internet, whether at home or anywhere.

Save €8 when you buy this smart power strip

As we have mentioned, this WiFi power strip is the perfect accessory to help us reduce electricity consumption and with it the electricity bill each month, avoiding phantom consumption. We simply have to connect the necessary appliances and adjust your schedule individually as best suits us. When we use it, we turn it off to avoid standby.

We will be able to buy this smart power strip on Amazon, where it is priced at €38.99. Furthermore, we can apply a €8 coupon discount, so we have 31.99 €. Being a product sold and shipped by Amazon, we benefit from free shipping and the possibility of returning it until January 31, 2023.