Sentenced to jail and fined in Madrid for hacking Windows and Office

The case dates again to November 2017, when the National Police registered a name middle in Vallecas (Madrid), and they found that two of the eight computer systems in the parlor had pirated variations of Windows and Office. The model of the working system used there was Windows 7.

Hacked Windows 7 and Office in the parlor

Windows 7 required a license to use it, and utilizing it with out activating it implied a large number of issues, resembling that after 90 days the wallpaper turned black, a everlasting notification appeared on the desktop, and the system restarted each hour no matter what would have opened. Thus, if you happen to wished to use the system usually, you had to purchase the license or hack it.

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Interestingly, if the girl had upgraded to Windows 10, which had been out there for greater than two years by then, she would have had no issues, since it’s not mandatory to activate Windows 10, and that doesn’t indicate that she is actively pirating the software program as it’s. is utilizing a cracking program or an illegally obtained license. In addition, utilizing Windows 10 with out activating has hardly any limitations past not having the ability to change some settings on the aesthetic stage of the system. And if you happen to upgraded from a pirated model of Windows 7, the considered one of Windows 10 was activated mechanically with out having any cracking software program in Windows 10.

3,600 euros fantastic and 6 months in jail

Unfortunately for the proprietor of the parlor, the 2015 reform of the Penal Code establishes that the financial exploitation of merchandise with out licenses is unlawful. And in accordance to the judges, this was what was taking place in the institution.

For this motive, the proprietor has been sentenced to six months in jail and to the cost of a fantastic of 3,600 euros, in addition to having to pay the price of the 2 licenses to Microsoft. The proprietor appealed the sentence in the Provincial Court, however it was corroborated. Subsequently, the Supreme Court has additionally endorsed the conviction, which is the primary in Spain of this kind.

Thus, utilizing an working system and pirated applications for monetary functions constitutes a criminal offense beneath the present legislation after the reform. If it have been the case of a person, there could be no structure of a criminal offense as such; particularly if the working system is used with out activating. In the case of Office there isn’t a doubt, because the software program can solely be used with out activating for a number of days of trial.