Show your photos to your friends without boring them, create videos with these 4 programs

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Thanks to current technology, both hardware and software, that we have, we store hundreds or even thousands of photos on our teams. We either save these contents for posterity, share them, or simply show them to visitors who come home. In order to liven up this photo exhibition a bit, we can always create videos from them, as we will see.

This way of acting, not always as fun or entertaining as we think, has been common for many years. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of showing all our photos to friends or relatives who visit us. While in the past this was something that our parents, uncles or grandparents did with paper photos, now we do it digitally. Whether in the computermobile, or even on the SmartTVwe boast of our catches of the summer, the holidays, the last birthday, or simply those that we are taking down the street.

As we say, although it may seem otherwise, this is not always as fun for viewers as it might seem at first. Although yes, in most cases it will not matter to us, for something we have those photos. But at the same time we can always liven up the exposure of these multimedia contents, something that will hardly cost us anything. In fact, below, we are going to show you a series of software solutions that will allow you to create videos from those photos. In addition, we can add certain effects and functions to liven up the exhibition.


Here we find a program that offers us both a paid version as free . As it could not be otherwise, it allows us to create our own video content from the PC from our photos personal. In addition, we will have the possibility of integrating music in order to liven up these presentations that we are commenting on. It should be mentioned that we can carry out all this in a simple and affordable way for most. At the same time, it integrates some interesting editing functions.


On the other hand, we have at our fingertips this other software focused on editing and video composition. One of its main virtues is the possibility of creating your own projects of this type from our photos and including musical themes. These will serve as soundtrack while our personal images appear in a much more pleasant way. To say that it is compatible with most operating systems and offers us a multitude of functions focused on editing these contents.


When designing our own video projects using our personal images, this is another very interesting proposal. In addition, it is characterized by how easily we will achieve really attractive goals even if we do not have much knowledge in these matters. At the same time, it is worth noting that we can do all of this for free with just register in the application. At the same time, it presents us with a multitude of elements such as transitions and visual effects to achieve more striking videos.

Videopad Video Editor

For these same tasks that interest us in this case we also find this other proposal that also includes multiple editing functions. In order to help us, it offers a multitude of visual effects and is also compatible with most of the file formats most used right now.