So you can create email addresses without registration

Create emails without registration

The email It is essential for any Internet user. We need it to register on pages or online services, to be in contact with companies, friends or colleagues, and it even serves to store information and have it always available. We have many options to create an account, but in this article we are going to talk about what methods we have to create an address of e-mail quickly and without logs.

Why create an email without registration

One of the reasons for creating an e-mail without registering is because gain time. Let’s say we need to send something or receive a message, but we don’t want to register and waste time filling in data. If we can avoid all this, all the better. It is one of the main causes.

But we may also want Privacy. If we use our personal e-mail account or create another with our data, the person to whom we send an email will know who we are, will be able to include us in a contact list and, ultimately, will relate to us.

Besides, the security is another interesting factor. This can especially be important if we are going to register on a page or service that does not inspire confidence and we do not know if our address is going to end up in Spam campaigns and the like. If we create an account without registration we can use it for these cases.

Options to create an email without registering

We will have different methods to create an email address without having to register. Not all of these methods are the same in terms of privacy, security or functionality, as we will see. Therefore, in each case we can choose the one that interests us the most. However, all of them will allow us to have a new email address without having to create a record and waste a lot of time.

Disposable email

One of the most common options in these cases is to use an email service disposable or expiring. We are not really going to have a durable email account that we can use forever. These accounts generally have a duration date and are useful for example to register on a page, receive the activation code and forget about that account.

An example is 10minutemail . It is one of these services that allows us to generate an email quickly, without registration, and that will also expire in just 10 minutes (although we can extend it up to 100 minutes). It is not valid for someone who needs to receive something after that time, since as soon as we enter their website we will see a countdown.

When we enter the page we will find a menu like the one we see in the image. There we will appear to copy the e-mail that has been generated automatically, as well as see the inbox where we can receive messages, extend the time up to 100 minutes, etc.

Another similar option is Temp Mail. Its operation is the same, since it is a service that allows you to quickly generate an e-mail address without any registration and we will be able to receive emails for a specified time. In addition to saving time, we can protect our privacy.

As these options there are many and they are all the same. They are services that allow you to create disposable emails, without any type of registration. GuerrillaMail or 5ymail are other options that we can take into account.

Create accounts through one of Gmail

A trick that many users do not know is that we can create as many addresses as we want through an existing Gmail address. If you have an account in the google mail and you want to create more without having to register and waste time, you can follow these steps that we are going to explain. There are a couple of options.

One of them is add a point to a Gmail address. For example, let’s say we have an address that is [email protected] We can create a “different” address simply by adding a period anywhere. For example: [email protected]

Why is this happening? Basically because the dots have no effect for a Gmail address. We can put points between the letters without any problem, since it is as if we were not putting anything. In this way, visually it is as if it were another direction but we are going to manage everything from the same one.

Also, another alternative would be to create addresses starting with “+”. This symbol allows us to generate addresses from an existing one, without having to register or wasting time. If we go back to the same previous example, we can create addresses of the type [email protected], [email protected], etc.

New Gmail privacy feature

Burner Emails Extension

This option is similar to the one we saw for disposable email accounts. However this time we have to use an extension for Google Chrome called Burner Emails. It is totally free and we can download it from the official store browser. It is important that we always download these types of add-ons from legitimate and safe sources.

What this extension allows is easily create email addresses no need for records. It was created precisely to avoid Spam and not have to give the real address when registering on web pages or any service where we may have problems with our personal account.


In short, as we have seen there are different options through which we can have emails without registering. If we want a more durable and independent account, we will have no choice but to create an account, even if it is through a service based on privacy and where we do not give real data.

However, if we want something quick, for example to register on a website or service, the ideal is to use one of the disposable email options that we have seen. Generating accounts from an existing one in Gmail is an option that can sometimes be useful, but it doesn’t really give us anything in terms of privacy and protecting the account from Spam. The Burner Emails extension can also be used, which basically acts as a generator for e-mail accounts that expire.