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The Apple Music service and the Music application are two things that, although they are in the same place, are two different things, if we talk about the iPhone. That is why, if you want to keep the Music app, but want to deactivate the Apple Music interface, in this post we explain how to do it.

This is how you deactivate the Apple Music interface

In the early years of the Apple Music service, there was a manual optionl to show and hide the interface. If you have older versions of iOS, you may still be able to perform this step. This option was in Settings > Music > Show Apple Music. But if you have an iPhone with a recent version of iOS, you will no longer find this option.

We have contacted Apple technical service, asking them how this action can be carried out, and they have explained to us that this step is automatic and is linked to the subscription. In other words, it will only be possible to deactivate the Apple Music interface, within the Music app, if we cancel our subscription. Now when we terminate the service, the elements of the Apple Music interface will no longer be available until we resume the subscription. Before we could have an Apple Music subscription, but not see its interface on all our devices.

Apple has removed this feature, but in return has given us more control over sound quality and more settings to customize the interface and have a better experience. So if you want to disable the Apple Music interface, with an active subscription, but want to keep the Music app, you won’t be able to, unless you go through alternative ways. But not in all of them you will be able to keep the app.

alternative solutions

If we want to keep our subscription to Apple Music, but we don’t want to see the interface of the service, there are two ways in which, although we won’t be able to replicate the old option 100%, they could serve us as a “patch”. The first one is to deactivate the synchronization of the Apple Music library on our iPhone. For this we will go to Settings > Music > Sync library. In this way, although we will have interface elements activated, we will not synchronize our content on that specific iPhone.

disable apple music iphone

Now, there is another alternative, but if we apply it, it is no longer possible to continue having the Music app. This consists of remove the Music application from our iPhone. With it we will be eliminating all the downloads that we have in the local memory of our iPhone and we will not have access to the Apple Music interface. If you decide to apply this step, you have to know that the subscription to the Apple Music service will continue to be activated. Deleting the Music app does not imply that the service is cancelled. In the same way, canceling the subscription does not prevent you from continuing to have the basic functions of the Music application. It is for this reason that we mentioned at the beginning that the Apple Music service and the Music application, although they are in the same place, They are two things that work separately. Although, yes, Apple offers to subscribe to Apple Music with a direct link that is within the Music app.