So you can know if a file is safe before downloading it

secure online file before downloading

Currently, the network is full of viruses, malware and other dangers which means that we have to take extreme precautions at all times. This means that when we go to download a file Let’s be more careful than ever to avoid it as much as possible and act before it infects our computer or harms us.

Therefore, we are going to reveal to you how you can know if a file is it safe or not before downloading it, and thus you will prevent it from being downloaded with the possible consequences of this. In any case, even if they tell you that it is reliable, it is better that you analyze it and verify it well after downloading. First you will have to do some initial checks and use your common sense (if you suspect, don’t do it) and you will be able to use services that will help you know if your suspicions are true.

Initial checks

Before resorting to any tool that determines if the file is safe or not, you should do your own checks. For example, if you access a website that you do not know, it offers you the full version of a payment file or gives you something too good to be true, suspect. You can also check if the website is secure from your browser and if it has the https in front, although more and more cybercriminals hire secure web addresses to make their own. If your browser, for example, Chrome, launches a notice that the website is not secure it’s better that you don’t continue.

On the other hand, you should check the section of comments or opinions of the service, since if it has it, the users will be able to say if it is real, if it works, if the file is safe or not. If you see something with a lot of negative reviews don’t download it. It would be good for you to learn to detect fake comments, since if there are many negative opinions, this does not mean that the file is safe. You can also search the Internet, it can be Google, if the web from which you are going to download something is trustworthy.

The best, in any case, is to download from reliable sources and official websites, since this way you make sure that these are totally safe.

Also, it’s nice that you have your up-to-date and protected equipment, with at least one reliable antivirus and security system in which you can check the files after downloading and detect possible threats on the network.

With free file scanner services

The best way to check if a file is safe before downloading it is to use services that verify the link and in which you can make sure that there is no virus or danger in it, to later proceed to download it. For this reason, we are going to tell you about some free online services in which you can analyze files before they are downloaded, one of the most notable being VirusTotal. As they are all very simple to use, you can choose the one that most interests you to do this check or you can even try several if you don’t trust just one.

The first thing you should do is install the extension in your browser, if they have it, and save the page website in your favorites or markers in an accessible place so you can easily get to them. As they are online services, you can also consult them if you want on your mobile device. Doing it is simple and very fast.


VirusTotal is an online tool through which you can check links and files easily and for free. To do this, you can use the extensions of Chrome and Firefox, depending on your browser. You can download them from here and start using them. You just have to choose the one that corresponds to the browser you use most frequently. Once you’ve done that, when you come across a link suspicious or arrives by email, you will have to do right click on it and select the Scan option.

A new page will appear that says analysis in progress. When it finishes, there you will find interesting information such as whether any security provider marked the website as malicious and different detection results that show whether it is clean or not.

link analysis results

You can also do your searches whenever you want by accessing the service website. You will access from here and you will have to give the URL section and from there search or scan a URL. You give the search magnifying glass and the information you need will appear.


Metadefender Cloud

You can scan files and downloads with the extension OPSWAT File Security for Chrome, which will scan all browser downloads using over 30 anti-malware engines and vulnerability scanning technology. you will have to go to your website and give add to Chrome. It is easy to use and examine every download via MetaDefender Cloud. It has many possibilities and functions to discover and block threats in apps and files before you download them. If you want to access more information or history, click on the extension from your browser and it will appear.

extension metadefender

You can also try it from website here, in which case you just have to indicate the URL you want to analyze and give Process. There it will provide you with the information you need to know if you are going to opt for the download or not.



This online service allows you not only to analyze downloaded files, but also to know if the link of a download page it is dangerous. you can access to your website in File/Url and from there you will give the link option, write it or copy it and give it analyze. It is another free service that you can use. It doesn’t take long to give the result, it’s easy to use and it offers you information about the security of the files that you want to consult. You can indicate your email if you wish, although this is optional.

hybrid analysis

As we can see, it is so easy to use that practically does not need instructions. When I give you the result, you can decide. In addition, if you download you can also check the file from the same service up to a maximum of 100 MB.

With free antivirus services

You can also use the free services that put at your disposal some of the main antivirus brands and security companies that also have this function, some of which you can install in your browser to be able to access them easily and block unwanted downloads. If you trust any of these companies and have gotten used to their products, it may be a good option. You will have to initially go to his page and follow the instructions.

Kaspersky VirusDesk

The famous antivirus service has its own online version that works for web links, in order to find out if a file may have a virus or some vulnerability before downloading it. It does it under its own service and analytics and it takes a while to show results, however it is a good alternative to the others.

Yes, to be able analyze the links, not so with already downloaded files, you will have to register at service. You can access it for free and do it from here.

kasperskyNorton Safe Web

if you agree to the web of this Norton service, you can enter the link you want and do a search. At the moment, it will tell you if this address is safe. You can, if you wish, comment on the result it has given you and consult other functionalities of the web.

You can too download the extension for Chrome or web extension to make it easier for you instead of having to go to the web every time you want to make a query.


Bitdefender Traffic Light

This is another safe tool to protect your browser against possible network vulnerabilities, since in addition to an advanced malware filter it offers protection against phishing attacks, analysis of links and identifier of trackers. You can download it for free for your browser and thus check the links of the files before downloading.

You will discover fraudulent websites easily for free and in a very short time. you just have to enter on this website and get with him. Once you have it you can use it whenever you want.

traffic light

McAfee WebAdvisor FREE

This service you can free download It allows you to browse safely, since it protects you from threats when you search the Internet without affecting your browsing experience. If you click on a malicious link, it will block the web, in addition to analyzing downloads and warning you of unknown risks.

It also alerts you if you have written wrong web address so that you get to the correct one, something that will be interesting if you accidentally get confused when writing a domain, especially if it is complicated. You can access your download from here.