So you can see the real address of shortened links without opening them

with shortened links

Today we spend quite a bit of time shopping the Internet for work or leisure. On many events to share that info with different folks we use the links. However, typically these links are too lengthy and to share them we use shortened links. This observe can be constructive, however it can even be utilized by cybercriminals to hold out assaults to cover the vacation spot URL. In addition, we even have shortened links that undergo promoting web sites earlier than reaching our ultimate vacation spot. In this tutorial we’re going to know what are the shortened links, how you can see the real ultimate real address, and find out how to keep away from safety issues and promoting web sites.

We are going to start out by explaining what a shortened hyperlink is and what benefits its use can convey us. We may also be taught to create our personal shortened links on trusted web sites. With shortened links, earlier than we click on on them they usually redirect us to the ultimate internet, there’s a option to see the place it takes us and if they’re protected. Finally, we are going to see find out how to skip the intermediate promoting web sites that include some shortened links.

What is a shortened hyperlink and what advantages does it convey

A shortened hyperlink could possibly be outlined as a brief URL that may redirect us to the authentic URL. The objective of working with shortened links is to acquire a URL that’s extra manageable to share and bear in mind. The the explanation why we have to work with links of this kind are a number of, however above all it’s as a result of the URLs are getting longer and longer. The motive why this occurs is as a result of the internet pages are getting longer and in addition as a result of the internet builders in the URL find yourself including descriptive attributes.

Regarding why it can be helpful to work like this, they vary from the want for house to share it on social networks resembling Twitter or Facebook, for aesthetics, or with the intention of hiding the ultimate URL, which is generally malware or phishing. This can be constructive or unfavorable as a result of cybercriminals can use them to deceive us.

Now let’s see it with an instance selecting this URL:

If we wished to work with shortened links we might use a URL shortener and we’d get a end result like this:

In the occasion that we use this hyperlink, it will take us to the authentic hyperlink that we’ve indicated above

How to create a shortened hyperlink

Before utilizing a URL shortener to have the ability to work with shortened links, you need to know the way to decide on nicely. Today, our information has an vital worth and there are corporations which are devoted to accumulating it. They may then use them themselves or promote them to 3rd events in order that they can embody us in spam campaigns or obtain focused promoting. That is why we’re going to supply you a pair of reliable internet pages to hold out this activity.

Its approach of working could be very easy:

  1. In a piece we enter the URL that we wish to convert and press a button.
  2. Down in one other part that shortened hyperlink will seem prepared to make use of.

One of them is Anonymiz, which permits us to create shortened links with complete anonymity and without storing data. To use it we should go to your Web page .

Simply placing the hyperlink and urgent the button SHORT IT we may have it at our disposal.

Another very useful gizmo, additionally without registration and anonymously is If we wish to use it we are going to go to your website. On this web site we are going to shortly discover the bar to place the address.

Then we click on on the button Shorten and we can already work with shortened links. As you have seen, it’s very easy and quick to create a shortened hyperlink, as well as, one other constructive side is that there are companies resembling the place we can create a shortened hyperlink and see statistics of clicks that this shortened hyperlink has had, ideally suited to do follow-up in advertising and marketing campaigns, for instance.

Shortened links can be a menace

Sometimes, sharing a hyperlink of this kind on social networks can be very sensible, particularly if we take into consideration that in some they restrict the quantity of characters per message. However, you ought to know that shortened links can be harmful and are additionally utilized by cybercriminals.

In quick, it could possibly be an tried Phishing assault, a rip-off whose goal is often to steal info. It is a menace that should be taken significantly as a result of we could possibly be victims of identification theft. When we discover this kind of links we should essentially keep away from two issues:

  • Avoid logging in by means of these links and utilizing official channels.
  • Avoid downloading information without checking that it’s a dependable web site.

Also a very good answer to know the place they redirect us with shortened links is to make use of companies that present us the internet that they’re attempting to cover. Thanks to them we can enhance our safety earlier than clicking on a brief hyperlink, that is what we clarify beneath.

How to see which address is behind a shortened hyperlink

Let’s begin with, we discover a quite simple to make use of web site that may present you what we’ve behind that shortened hyperlink. Thus, it signifies the authentic hyperlink, a picture as a preview. It additionally offers us further info on whether or not it’s blacklisted and whether or not it’s a safe web page.

A really helpful service to work with shortened links, seek for viruses, and every kind of malware is VirusTotal. What we’ve to do is choose the URL tab to examine if that hyperlink is protected. In that side you can work with each regular and shortened links. Your option to proceed might be to research it utilizing a big quantity of detection engines. In the finish you will get outcomes through which the totally different engines will present if they’ve seen one thing unhealthy in our hyperlink.


Another quite simple web site to make use of to find shortened links is URL Expander, which works in the same option to the earlier companies. However, it has a peculiarity, because it has a discipline the place we can paste a number of links and thus receive totally different supply URLs in a single run. Finally, one other software for working with shortened links is CheckShortURL. We add the hyperlink to examine and by urgent the «Expand» button we are going to receive the end result we’re searching for.

Block promoting of shortened links

Have you ever come throughout an Adfly hyperlink associated to promoting? In case you do not know Adfly, permits us to shorten links in order that we can then use them on social networks, boards or web sites. The downside is when you click on on that hyperlink and you get advertisements for a number of seconds and we can’t take away it. Other companies that act in the same approach are Linkbucks and Ouo.


However, to dam these intermediate promoting web sites that run on these sorts of quick links, we may use browser extensions resembling the following:

Finally, it ought to be famous that these browser extensions are a very good software to dam these intermediate promoting web sites that include shortened links.