So you can test your webcam before a video call


With the COVID lockdown The use of video calls for practically everything has become popular and has become part of our routine. Video calls for work meetings, interviews, to talk with friends and family, etc. Or even for online classes, medical consultations. But before we can do it, there is something that always worries us: does it look good? That’s why it’s important know how to test the webcam and see that the webcam works fine before a call.

It doesn’t always look the way we’d like and we don’t want to wait until we’re in the video call to adjust it properly so we can do it sooner. To blur the background, choose what is seen, know if we are completely seen or simply to see if we are satisfied with how we appear on the screen. If we want to move it before they call us, we will explain how it is done.

Native app on Windows: Camera

There are pre-installed applications on your computer that allow us to test the webcam. They are the simplest option and allow us to know if the webcam is working well, if something is seen that we do not want to be seen, if we turn out well, if we are handsome. From Windows we can easily do it with the camera application that is installed by default on the computer. We can see the image easily.

We simply go to Start on the computer and search for “Camera” We touch on the application that will appear next, as you see in the image.

Once open, we will be seen on the screen and we can verify that everything works correctly. In addition, we can touch the upper left corner of the screen if we want to access the settings or configuration. For example, we can activate the framing grid or we can activate the professional mode that allows us advanced controls to take photos and videos from here.

Windows Camera

It is also possible that you have an application or program of the brand of your camera in particular. For example, if you have a Logitech camera you may have downloaded the specific software that allows you to more options or settings. This is the case of Logitech Capture that allows us to change the format, add subtitles, etc.

logitech webcam

specialized applications

We can check it from applications that we have installed on the computer without having to start a chat with that person, without having to start the video call. For example, we can go to the account settings to adjust the camera or change funds. This will let us know if the camera looks good.

  • in Zoom

In Zoom we can log in to the program, We go to the configuration menu and “in the meeting (advanced)” in the settings menu. will open the image virtual background option and we can customize it. This will allow us to know if the webcam looks good before a call or video call and will allow us to activate options such as background blur, for example, or virtual backgrounds by default.


  • In Skype

On Skype, for example. Can configure skype background effects without being on a call. We simply go to “cionfiguración2” and to the “audio and video” section. From here we can see the preview and we can change the different effects or the appearance of the camera. This will allow us know if the webcam is visible before a call or even allows us to choose the background that we want to have when the final video call begins.


  • in Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams we can also do it if we start a meeting or call but do not add anyone else. We will see or check if it looks good. And, as in the previous case, we can touch “apply background effects” to make sure


Through the Internet: specialized websites

If we do not want to follow the previous steps, there are other options, such as using specialized websites that allow us to test the webcam before starting to use it. It only takes us a few seconds to do it and the pages are free and fast. If we want to check it anywhere, there are specific pages for this. A simple search in Google will allow us to find websites to test the camera but if you do not know where to start, we will give you some ideas. Of course, keep in mind that you will have to give permissions to your browser to access the webcam.

One of the ones that will allow us to do it is the Web Webcam Test. We simply have to go to the web page and in the main box we will see our image. We will see if we appear on the screen, if it looks good, if there is something that we do not want to be seen. Also, on the left side of the screen we can see a series of details such as quality, megapixels, resolution, bit rate, etc.

Here we will see, at a glance, if everything is correct. And it will even allow us to take a picture with the webcam to check that everything is as we need.

test cameraonlinemictest It is another website that fulfills the same function. It allows us to test the microphone and allows us to test the webcam to see if it works. We will know if it is configured correctly and it is very easy to use. Of course, as we have already said, we must select “allow” in the browser permissions.

once you do, you will see your image on the screen and we can see if everything is correct. As you can see, the page is much less complete than the previous one and we will not have configuration details or resolution or pixels, but we can only know if it looks good or if it does not look good, if we come out sharp enough or if we should look for an alternative to see us well.

Using the mobile phone as a webcam

If we use the mobile phone as a webcam, we may not be sure that it will work fine or we do not know if we have placed it correctly. In that case, the own application that we have will allow us to carry out the test. Of all the available ones, our advice is to bet on Iriun Webcam. Iriun Webcam allows us to download the app on smartphone and webcam for Windows, Mac or for Ubuntu.

Once we have both, we will easily synchronize by connecting the two devices so that the smartphone works as a webcam if we do not have one for a video call. To see if it works well, open Iriun on your computer. If both devices are connected to the same WiFi, you will see that it works easily. In the Iriun program you can see the image that the phone is focusing on at all times and we can choose between different available screen formats.

irun webcam