So you can use NVIDIA GeForce NOW in your Google Chrome browser


The streaming of games without the need for a PC is a weapon that NVIDIA is exploiting among other companies. Your GeForce NOW system can now be used from several browsers, which considering that Chrome is the most used of them, it is interesting to know how we can use this service for free, and incidentally, pay for the premium options if we consider it so . So, do you want to know how to play on GeForce NOW since Chrome and anywhere? Look at this.

More and more developers and businesses, as well as users, are subscribing to GeForce NOW. NVIDIA has done very well with this service and proof of this is that it is going from strength to strength, so if you want to try it, keep reading.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW in Chrome, how to play like this?

The first thing we have to do is go to the NVIDIA website for GeForce NOW, which is easily accessible. Assuming that we do not have an account or anything like that, we will have to go to the section on the top right that says “Play now”.

After clicking on this button we will see that the web goes down to the three subscription options that the company has. Normally the user who does not know how the NVIDIA system works will choose the free option, which we have also chosen for this article, but we could have chosen any other paid option, the process would be the same.

Once this is done, we will either have to register with NVIDIA or create an account as such. Once this procedure is done, NVIDIA will send us to a new website where we will have to download the option to Chrome “BETA”. The next thing we will have is a new website with all the games available from GeForce NOW for Chrome.

Likewise, NVIDIA will insist that we download the application for Windows, which in terms of general performance is recommended, but we could be accessing it from another device that is not registered or supported by the company and want to use Chrome, something legal, so we will continue on this path .

Choose the platform where our game is

There are two ways to play games from GeForce NOW for Chrome. One is from the library that NVIDIA itself offers us because it has the catalog on its servers, while the other is to do it by linking the platform where we have our game, be it GOG, Steam or EPYC Games.

If it is the first option, then a green button will appear when you press and click on said game with the “Play” option. This is normally reserved for paid subscription options, but it must be emphasized, because there are games where this option appears the same, but below we can read that you have to log in from a platform.

Other games do not directly give this last option because they are not within the NVIDIA servers as such and they have to be executed from the platform where we have purchased the game. After logging in to the platform in question with our account, what we will see is that NVIDIA GeForce NOW works as a launcher from chrome.

If we have the game installed it will run it directly, if not, it will ask us to download it. This is a transparent process so we can only enjoy it and see how well GeForce NOW goes from Chrome, a really interesting experience to try.