Somerville is already on sale and you don’t know yet that you are about to play it


Thanks to the internet and the proliferation of digital stores, we have experienced a boom in small games, called indies by some, and as a consequence, it has caused a huge number of studies go ahead in this industry, by allowing us to enjoy small playable experiences that deviate from the big AAA spotlights. And in this case we are going to coat ourselves in the wonderful puddle that has been placed at our feet somerville.

new impossible worlds

On November 15, 2022, many had the arrival of the end of somerville. A small indie development, produced by Dino Patti (ex Playdead) and that seemed to repeat the same success formula of two of his previous works such as Limbo and Inside. Don’t you know them? Surely these are the two most played and covered independent releases of the last decade and the very essence of this new playground of small studios with brilliant ideas that have grown thanks to digital distribution.

Be that as it may, both Limbo as above all Inside, They narrated to us through their protagonist a story of those that come to overwhelm him to one. Games that offer very light entertainment, lasting a few hours, but that are amply rewarding thanks to the maximum attention to detail. Both graphics and sound and, above all, plots. It is not so much about dazzling us too much with incredible special effects as influencing us in the mood and personally.

somerville he goes that way and that’s it You have it available on Xbox Game Pass, both for Microsoft consoles and on PC if you have the Ultimate subscription, as well as in stores like Steam, etc. In addition, its price is not exactly an obstacle to get it if you live far from the flat rate of the North Americans since it costs only 24.50 euros. Of course, at the moment on PlayStation there are no signs that it will arrive…

What is Somerville?

If you have enjoyed the superb Limbo and Inside Surely you already have an idea: an adventure with a platform aspect that does not develop so much through a classic scroll lateral as in a single plane of movement of the character, either to the left or right or forward or backward. While, we will have to worry about dodging or not being seen by enemies, solve puzzles and attend unfazed to what happens around us. That we already warned you that it is not good because the world, it seems, is suffering a kind of War of the Worlds with huge creatures that devastate everything.

somerville stands out for its graphic aspect, reminiscent of the cartoons of a comic with shapes that play only with flat colors. It is, without a doubt, one of its great attractions because it comes to remind us (distantly) of the mythical Another World from Delphine. Which is already saying a lot.

So if you are a bit tired of those AAA games that can do anything with their huge worlds and tens of hours of gameplay, try to immerse yourself in somerville. A small sip of fresh air from those that occasionally come to the world of video games. What Limbo and Inside that, surely, you have already played them. what yes?