Sony ends up with one of the most cumbersome PS5 processes, which one?


Since the consoles connect to the internet we have had to get used to processes that did not exist in other generations that arrived at the stores and worked as is from the first to the last day. Or do you remember that it was necessary to install updates on an NES, a Game Boy, a Mega Drive or a Super Nintendo? The hardware remained intact, unlike PS5, Xbox Series X | S or Nintendo Switch.

Goodbye cables… finally!

But if updating a console has already become a habit that we have to practice several times a year, It is the repanocha that this resource has also been extended to the controls official ones that come with the consoles. And the DualSense, due to its characteristics (you know, that haptic vibration), is a candidate to suffer updates every so often that, until now, could only be done in one way.

Sony, despite being devices with wireless connectivity, I had opted for a more reliable (a priori) update system of that firmware as is the connection to the console via the USB-C cable. When a new alert arrived, it forced us to plug it in and wait for the data transfer to finish before finishing the installation. Well, that is going to end and it will no longer be necessary to put and remove the little cable.

They will be the users who are part of the beta testing channel of the firmware of PS5, and only in some countries, those that can try this new functionality that allows the console update the DualSense without having it plugged in with the cable, so the whole process is carried out wirelessly and it will be much more comfortable than before.

We’ll still have to wait

As we tell you, this function is part of that beta version that has reached the test channel, so At the moment it is not operational for everyone who owns a PS5 and it remains to be seen that it will still take a few weeks to arrive. As Sony states on its official website, it will be possible to “update the DualSense wireless controller device software with a wireless connection. If you’re having trouble updating your device software wirelessly, connect your controller to your PS5 console via USB cable to update it. You will be able to update it wirelessly in the next update.”

We imagine that to protect the integrity of the gamepad, the console will check the battery level it has and it will mark a minimum percentage from which to try to complete the update It can be dangerous since, in the event of the battery running out, leaving a process of this type halfway can be synonymous with turning this peripheral into an unrecoverable brick. But as usually happens in these cases, we are convinced that minds much more lucid than ours, and more prepared, they have already noticed all the options that can be opened when the step of allowing a wireless update is taken. Don’t you think?