Spider-Man returns to the cinema to show what nobody sees from the Blu-ray

Spider-Man: No way home - Peter Parker

Yes, you are reading correctly: the movie Spider-man: No Way Home It will be projected again on the big screen. That is the plan that the people of Marvel Studios have on the table with the clear intention of bringing new content never seen in theaters to the general public – and incidentally, making money again, of course. After a very tough season, theaters are beginning to recover their good health and it seems that the big companies are not going to waste it with ideas like this, but what exactly are we going to see? when and where will it be rerun?

The great savior of Phase 4

After the experiment of black widow (which did a simultaneous double in theaters and Disney +) and the passage through the big screen of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) and Eternals (2021), Marvel and Disney felt lame: the numbers were not a failure, but they were far from what these two factories expected, especially after the pandemic suffered.

Luckily, Spider-Man and his third part arrived. No Way Home, and the figures finally sided with the companies. The delivery of Spiderman It was a real success, to such an extent that today it is one of the highest grossing Marvel movies, only behind infinity war Y Endgame. It is not for less. And it was not only the closing of the great trilogy of one of Marvel’s most pampered and beloved superheroes; also meant the Return of two mythical actors who had previously brought him to life, thus giving us a revival as few are remembered in the recent history of cinema.

Putting things this way, you will understand that the tape is still being squeezed as much as possible, this time, with a return to theaters of the film to the delight of all fans. The idea is to offer extra content that has never been shown, so that we can all enjoy an extended version of the story on the big screen.

Dates and more countries very soon

The official account of the film on Twitter (with the help of the three Spider-Man) has been in charge of confirming this relaunch. The version will be called The More Fun Stuff and will therefore show the extended version of the tape, with numerous deleted scenes, something that is generally reserved for Blu-rays that are released months later.

At the moment only the US and Canada have been confirmed as the two countries that will release this edition in theaters, although the announcement also points out that more countries to be announced soonso it is an international maneuver in which Spain It would have many ballots to be included -we suppose that the decision will be based on how the reception of this third party was and, hey, in that, we can rest assured that we have left the flag very high.

Spider-Man: No way home - Peter Parker

How much material will there be? It’s not entirely clear yet, but the film could well (perhaps) stretch to 3 hours, something that is becoming more and more popular in theaters, on the other hand.

If nothing fails, the premiere will take place on september 2 -at least in the United States and Canada, to coincide with the Labor Day bridge.

What do you tell us, will you dare to go see it again to see its extra content?