Splurge of the day! Hisense soundbar at 40% off

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When we buy our Smart TV to enjoy the best home cinema, we will surely verify that the sound is usually far from offering an outstanding experience. To solve this, we can opt for a sound bar, capable of achieving true immersion within the film. Therefore, today we bring you a sound bar Hisense HS312 with 3.1.2 channels and 300 W which is available at a 40% discount.

And it is that, at present, televisions are capable of offering great image quality, with minimalist designs and without frames. But in the sound section they falter excessively since they do not have space to incorporate good speakers. This means that we cannot hear the dialogues or the sound effects well. With this sound bar we are going to solve it.

300 W of power and wireless subwoofer

The Hisense HS312 sound bar will allow us to significantly improve our experience when watching television thanks to its compatibility with Dolby Atmos, a technology that provides incredible realism that will make us enjoy each scene. It has a power of 300W and 3.1.2 channels to enjoy immersive sound in any space regardless of the size of the room.

Their wireless subwoofer dedicated will take care of offering us detailed low sequences that will accentuate our favorite movies, games and music without the need for cables. We will feel each “boom” as if it were in a movie theater, while the front speakers will be responsible for projecting very clear medium and high frequencies.

This bar connects very easily to the television since it has HDMI (eARC). We can also link other devices wirelessly through your connection Bluetooth and be controlled from a single command. In addition, it has Quick Touch equalization modes, which will allow us to obtain the best performance in music, movies, and sports with a simple touch on our remote control, since it has several predefined modes.

Hisense HS312 connections

Included with the bar is an HDMI cable, an optical cable, and a wall mount kit, so you get everything you need to start enjoying it right out of the box.

Hisense HS312 sound bar with 40% discount

As we have seen, the Hisense HS312 sound bar has all the necessary features to turn our living room into a true home theater. With it we will significantly improve the sound of our Smart TV and fully enjoy our favorite movies and music.

And best of all is the price at which we will be able to buy it. Its official sale price is up to €299, but for a limited time, we will be able to buy it on Amazon for only €179, what a 40% discount for a total savings of more than €120. Without a doubt, a real gem.

The soundbar is sold and shipped by Amazon, so we will enjoy free shipping and if we are prime customers we will receive it in one or two business days, so we can start enjoying it as soon as possible.