Start playing FIFA 23 by creating your FUT team in the Web App

FIFA 23 WebApp

One of the tools most desired by FIFA players is the Web App or Companion App, the game’s complementary application that allows them to continue to monitor their team without being near the console or PC. From this application, you can make signings and open envelopes, so it is very useful in the day to day of those who are most addicted to buying and selling players.

How to download the companion App

To download the Official FIFA 23 Companion App You just have to visit the app store of your phone or tablet and search for the official FIFA 23 Companion App. Here are the correct links:

In the event that you prefer to do the tasks of manager from your computer, you will only have to visit the official website of the Web App to sign in with your EA account and start your work.

What is it for?

FIFA Web App menu

Whether you use the Web App (directly from your PC browser) or the Companion App, you can still start your new FUT team this season. From there you will have to choose the country that will represent most of your players in the random squad that the game will give you, and from there, you will have to start managing the team by winning games and signing new stars.

From the panel you will be able to do many things that you would normally do from the game, and with this tool you will be able to advance or review at times when you are away from home. Eager to get the weekly rewards? From the application you can redeem them immediately. This is all you can do:

  • Objectives: You can enter daily to review the new objectives proposed by the game to obtain rewards and experience points.
  • Template building challenges: The famous SBC mode (Squad Building Challenge) in which we will have to complete squad creation challenges with certain requirements and obtain succulent rewards.
  • Staff Management: Make changes and review the bench to get ready for your next match.
  • Transfers: The most demanded section. This is the transfer menu where you can search for new players and make offers for them. A real jungle.
  • Stadium: Section where you can customize your stadium with all the accessories that you earn and buy.
  • Store: The place where the money is spent. Here envelopes and FIFA Points are bought, but it is also where the envelopes that we will gradually earn after completing matches and challenges are opened.
  • Club: Here you will be able to see all the player cards you have in your possession, consumables, staff and an extremely interesting option that will allow you to recover players that you quickly sold in the last 7 days.
  • Markers: This new section will allow you to have a perspective of how things are going on a global level. You will be able to compare your income, benefits, total club value and find out who has the best squad in the game.

The advantage of starting to tinker with the official application is that we can enter the transfer market and sell those players that we are not interested in to start making transfers and get bargains as soon as possible. Also, with the squad challenges, we will get packs with new players, so you can continue to increase your squad without having played a single match.