Succeed on TikTok and Instagram with this light ring: it’s heavily discounted

elgato Ring Light with background

For lovers of social networks like Instagram or TikTok, there is an accessory that becomes essential when taking photos or recording videos for these platforms. Is about a ring of light that allows us to match the light intensity that exists in a place where we record or take photos. If you find yourself looking for one, you’re in luck, because this DEEFSOUL brand has 33% off at Amazon .

The fact is that this ring of light will allow us to obtain professional results when recording videos or taking photos in any room, to be able to publish them with the highest quality on any platform, including our favorite social networks.

Become the king of your social networks

This DEEFSOUL signature ring light features a triple stand and includes a total of 38 color selections. Each color also has 10 adjustable brightness modes and 3 normal colors (Warm, Warm White and White) to greatly improve image quality. It also has 35 RGB modes that can be applied to various scenarios such as karaoke, games, or a birthday party, among others.

It is designed so that it can be used together with our smartphone since it has two mobile phone holders and different adjustable angles up to 360 degrees. They not only adapt to most smartphone models on the market, but also make a larger view and get a better image aspect, thus becoming an ideal fantasy companion for photographing and making live videos on our networks. favorite social.

DEEFSOUL light ring

The light ring has an easy configuration, since it is built with removable components and its triple extendable support, which can be adjusted between 40 and 167 cm. All the accessories that it includes are very easy to disassemble and can be easily stored in its own transport bag.

ring of light

Its use is multifunctional as it can be used for different tasks such as selfies, live broadcasts, recordings for TikTok, photographs, makeup, games, etc. Also, includes a remote control for our mobile, perfect for taking screenshots or starting the video recording with a simple click and without leaving the site.

Buy this light ring for less than €40

As we have seen, this DEEFSOUL ring light has everything you need to improve your photos and recordings at home, being perfect for sharing them on social networks with very professional results. And best of all is the price at which we will be able to get it. And it is available on Amazon for only €39.99which means a 33% off on its official price for a total saving of €20.

This ring light is sold by MEIBAO company and the shipment is fulfilled by Amazon. This means that shipping is free for all users and if, in addition, we are prime customers, we will receive it as a priority so that we do not have to wait long to start using it.