Surprise: we could see Tom Holland as Spider-Man this 2023

No one counted on seeing the good guy Holland dressed in the Spider-Man suit this same 2023, but sometimes the cinema can be wonderful. And it is that there is an important leak, confessed in a specialized YouTube program, which has put the actor in the spotlight and his role as spider-man back in conversation. How and when would we see it exactly? We tell you everything.

The next Spider-Man

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, already took it upon himself just two weeks ago to give us the news: there will be spider-man 4 and in fact it is already in development, counting again with Tom Holland as protagonist. This is certainly fantastic news, especially at a time when we are experiencing a complete renewal within the Marvel movie universe, with many familiar faces no longer with us.

Spider-Man: No way home - Peter Parker

The end of Spider-Man: No way home it was so open that it could well have meant the actor’s farewell, so having confirmation that Tom is already working on the project is certainly reassuring. Of course, if two weeks ago we were told that the fourth installment of the saga was in development, it is practically impossible to be released in 2023.

How is it possible then that we will see Holland from Spider-Man this year in the cinema?

The multiverse is to blame

The only way this could happen is with the other movie about the spider universe that we will see this year. Indeed, we refer to Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiversethe animated film that will be released in mid-2023 and that will give us a good number of versions of Spider-Man… probably including a flesh and blood one played by Holland!

This is confirmed by the well-known specialized journalist Jeff Sneider, who, in his recent participation in the program “The Hot Mic” on the YouTube channel john rochapointed out that in December he received information from various sources that told him about the presence of the actor in Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiversethus participating in the scenes in live action that are part of the story.

What’s more, Sneider assures that one of the reasons for the delay suffered by this film is because they wanted to have Holland in it (and of course, they had to adapt to the agenda of the actor). The journalist recalls that this information must be taken with a grain of salt, but without a doubt the existence of a real action scene with Tom Holland in Crossing the Multiverse will not be something that will take him by surprise.

You can see the interview below (in English), from minute 16:05 they talk about this topic:

The long-awaited film Spider-man: Crossing the Multiverse will be released in theaters June 2 of this year. There is less left to enjoy this great animated installment signed by Sony Pictures.