Take advantage of the 15% discount of this Ebay coupon

Ebay discount coupon in sport

During this month of January, we have enjoyed all kinds of discounts and rebates. But you should know that there are other ways to reduce the price of your purchases in the other months of the year. Now February arrives, and with it, a Ebay discount coupon of 15% on sports products. If January’s steep hill has cost you so much, maybe you should catch up on exercise. And what better opportunity than the one that this coupon gives you.

As we say, this discount code will be good for all kinds of sports products. We talk about smart watches, heart rate monitors, treadmills, elliptical trainers… and much more. So, if you have been thinking about that exercise accessory for a long time, know that this is the time to make your dreams come true.

Of course, this coupon that Ebay offers you asks for a series of requirements to redeem it, as usual. Mainly, that the discount obtained will never exceed €50. Doing accounts, the total sum of the product that you can take home can reach up to €333. So, in reality, it is not a condition that limits us so much.

How to redeem my coupon on Ebay

Redeem your Ebay coupon to get 15% discount on sporting goods is extremely easy to redeem. You just have to enter their website, choose the product you like (from the sports category, yes) and, once you have entered the payment details, you will enter the code SPORTW3. By magic, the cost of your basket will be reduced by 15% compared to the price of the product.

Have we already told you that you can redeem this same coupon for up to two different purchases? You just have to start a purchase process again and follow the exact same steps. But hurry, because this promotion will not last forever.

Some of the products you can buy

Since the thing is about sports, we have thought of a small selection of products that you could take home to catch up on your exercise. Electronic products that will make the experience easier and more pleasant. We are talking about smart watches, treadmills, heart rate monitors… Don’t miss a thing.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Smartwatch

With everything that this Garmin smartwatch is capable of monitoring, it is clear that it is an accessory that will constantly worry about your health. And when it comes to playing sports, it is essential to know our heart rate, calories burned or average speed that we keep in the race. And with the 15% discount that you can get with this coupon, the truth is that you get a very good price.

Fit-Force treadmill

But if you really want to catch up on the sport, stop the stories and put this Fit-Force tape in your house. Its design is foldable so that it does not take up much space, and it will give you a soft surface on which to run or walk to lose those extra pounds. In addition, it has an LCD screen that will show your heart rate or average speed, among other parameters. And all without leaving home.

FitForce treadmill on eBay

FitFiu exercise bike

And if what you like are pedals, don’t stop giving it a try with this exercise bike from FitFiu. Without a doubt, another great facility that will help you turn your home into a real gym. Its transmission by belt allows us a silent pedaling, so you can train until the middle of the night. Trust us the neighbors won’t find out. And seeing the coupon that you can apply now on Ebay, the price you get for this bike is surprising.

FitFiu exercise bike on Ebay