Talk for free anywhere: How to call from WhatsApp


WhatsApp allows you to two types of calls: “normal” call by voice-only phone or video call. Both also have several options: call between two personal or group calls or video calls between several people at the same time. Both work over the Internet so it does not matter if you are in Spain or the United States if you are connected to WiFi because they are free and will not cost you anything except what you spend in megabytes or data while you are doing it. In addition, we can do them from several devices at the same time: from the mobile but also in the computer version of WhatsApp if we have a webcam or a microphone connected.

Whether you want to make group or individual calls, with or without a webcam, we will show you step by step how to make them from the phone or from the computer.

Make calls

Voice calls allow you to replace the classic calls you make with your smartphone and work over the internet so you will not have to spend balances and you have a prepaid rate or you do not have to spend minutes of your rate if you want to chat with a friend during hours. Just tap on this option and they will work over the Internet.

From mobile phone

From the mobile it is very easy to make calls. There are two options: do it from the individual chat or from the calls tab. Or do it in a group if you want to make a call with several people at the same time.


The first allows us to phone from the individual chat with that person. To make a phone call on WhatsApp, the first thing we have to do is open the chat of the contact we want to call. Once this is done, we can see how an icon in the shape of a phone appears at the top of the screen right next to the menu button and the video camera icon that allows us to make a video call. Therefore, all you have to do is touch the phone icon and the WhatsApp phone call with that contact will automatically start.

From the calls tab we can also do it. If you open the app you will see that there are three options on the top bar: chats, status and calls. You choose the last one and here you will see the history, if you have it. What’s more, a phone icon along with the “+” symbol at the bottom. Touch and all your available contacts with account will open in the application. Find the one that interests you and tap on the phone icon next to it to request to contact him.

In a group

If you want to use voice calls with multiple people, you can. One of the advantages of making phone calls on WhatsApp is that the messaging application itself allows us to make a group phone call, that is, with several people at the same time. Specifically, the messaging application allows us to make phone calls via WhatsApp with up to four people at a time.


In this way, we can easily talk to several people in the same WhatsApp group. To do this, we go to whatsapp group where those people are and at the top the phone icon will appear along with a + symbol. When tapping on this icon, the lstatus of group members so that we select those that we want to add to our call.

We can also initiate a phone call by WhatsApp with a group of people from the Calls tab. We open the tab, we touch on the option new call, which is the green icon with the phone and the + symbol that appears at the bottom and we look for the people we want to join the call.

From the computer

From the computer we can do it as long as we have the desktop version and not through WhatsApp Web. The first thing we have to do is download WhatsApp Desktop so that we can work with it on the computer. For that we must go to the WhatsApp web and download the version for Windows 10 or macOS, depending on what operating system our computer has. We can also choose the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 or the App Store for macOS.

Once downloaded and installed in our operating system, it is time to open and observe that it shows us a QQ code that we must scan. The steps are the same that you have surely used to open the web version: open WhatsApp, tap on the three dots in the upper right and you go to WhatsApp Multi-device that will allow you to scan the QR code with your mobile to link both. Before, the button was called “WhatsApp Web” but now its name is different although the operation is identical.


Once you have it, we make the call … All we have to do is get into a conversation and then click on one of the two icons that appear at the top right of the screen. The button with a phone is to make calls and that of a camera is the one dedicated to video calls. In this case, we tap on the phone to get started. You must make sure that you have a microphone connected and WhatsApp will allow us to silence it whenever we want to let the other person speak.

To make video calls

The process for making video calls is identical to the previous cases except that here we will use our camera to appear on the screen, as you will have seen so many times during the coronavirus pandemic around the world during 2020, in confinement.

From mobile phone

There are several options: do it from an individual chat and add to all the contacts, do it from a group caht or do it from the calls tab. Video calls are available on Android phones 4.1 or later versions and from the application they recommend having one good internet connection so that it works smoothly and without cuts in the image.

The steps are identical to the previous ones from the individual chat.

  • Go to the chat you want
  • Tap in the upper right corner, on the camera icon
  • Wait for the other person to accept

If you want to add someone else, go to the bottom of the screen and choose the person or people you want to add to the video call. They can accept and join to be part of it. We choose “Add participant”. There can only be a maximum of eight people.

Too we can do it from a group chatl as long as it has less than 32 participants and with conditions: in the chat we touch the video call icon, we confirm and the different contacts will begin to join. Keep in mind that the first seven people in the group can answer. 30 people cannot join the video call and in this case it must be a voice call.

Another option is to do it from the tab CALLS that we see on WhatsApp. We go to this option, we touch the phone icon at the bottom and choose “new group call”. Here we will select all the participants (a maximum of seven) and they can join at any time during the same.

From the computer

As in the previous case, we can also make calls from the computer as long as we have WhatsApp Desktop installed on our computer and we have the compatible hardware: a microphone or a webcam that allows us to speak or that allows others to see us.

The first thing we must do is download the desktop version and log in by scanning the QR code from our mobile phone in the same way that you do with WhatsApp Web: you go to the app on the smartphone, touch the three points in the upper right corner and choose “paired devices”. This will open a camera that you must use to scan the code and link the two.

Once you have it, the interface is identical in its mobile version– Go to the chat you want and tap on the video camera icon at the top. Grant permissions if you need them and start the call with the person you want.


Clear call log

Once you know how to make calls, you may be concerned about recording your calls. Or simply bother you. In that case, we can easily remove it from the app. We can remove them all at once or delete one by one only the one we want not to show.

You simply have to go to the CALLS tab in your WhatsApp application and here press and hold the chat you want to delete. In the upper right corner there will be a trash can that you can touch to delete it. We can also go to the three points in the upper right corner to open a drop-down menu in which we can choose “Delete call log” and all will be removed.