Thanks to this website, you will no longer watch television online from TDTChannels

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Despite the fact that it is a platform that is currently in the doldrums, we are talking about the DTT In our country, millions continue to reproduce content here, daily. Today we have at our disposal many other platforms through the Internet that we can use for our moments of leisure.

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the different streaming video-on-demand services such as Netflix either HBO that many of you know very well. Likewise, we find different applications that allow us to follow the DTT broadcasts and its channels, from the PC or mobile. As you can imagine, this allows us to have all this content wherever we are and at any time.

Basically we avoid having to be tied to our television, as has happened for decades, to see the content that interests us. One of the most interesting and used proposals in recent years has been the popular TDTChannels website and its corresponding applications. However, next, we are going to talk about another similar proposal that you are going to love to see the online tv channels.

It is a web platform that you can access completely free of charge and that offers us some very interesting functions, as well as a huge number of channels. From here we will get information related to all these contents and we can play them in real time from the browser itself. Specifically, we refer to the platform called TVguia to which we access from here.

Once we have loaded this website to play online television channels, the first thing we see is a pleasant and intuitive interface.

TVguia, the best proposal to watch television online

In the first instance, the platform offers us the content that is currently being played in real time on the different available channels. In this way we can visually choose what we want to reproduce at this moment. In addition, we can move through its timeline or see the programming of the next few days.

At the same time, it is important to know that this is a website that allows us to customize the channels that are going to be seen in this mentioned section. To do this, in the upper part of its main interface we find ourselves in the section precisely called channels. Here we will only have to mark or unmark those that we want to follow or hide.

mark channels

In the event that we want to see the live broadcast at that moment on TVguia of any compatible channel, the best thing we can do is click on online tv. This is a shortcut that we also find in the main interface of the platform. Thus we find an extensive list with the different television channels that we can access from here.

What’s more, we find a button to load a new window in which the channel will be played live, and if possible, we can even access its content on demand. Therefore, and as we can verify, this TVguide tries to greatly facilitate access to this online television content, something that we can do both from the pc as from the mobile.