The 10 highest-grossing movies in DC history

Highest-grossing DC movies

It’s clear that when it comes to box office and superheroes, Marvel is the undisputed queen. However, DC also has a few hits under its belt. In fact, he is hammered so much that movies you have in mind that have been a flop, like the forgettable suicide squad, they raised a lot of money and were successful from a monetary point of view. That’s why we bring you top 10 grossing dc movies. If you are not very knowledgeable about the subject, the first position may come as a surprise to you.

That yes, that Marvel turns everything it touches into gold and the DC Extended Universe does not stop tumbling, without finding a style that fits well with his superheroes or the public.

However, that analysis is not entirely fair and DC Nor is it failure without palliatives that some want to sell.

The irregular passage through the box office of DC

The truth is that, in general, DC movies have not been monetary failures. Losing have not lost money, the problem is that, with the potential they had, they have not arrived where expected.

Because Batman is a money machine, and when you put him together with Superman, you hope to blow up the box office forever. However, it was not. The same thing happened with the gathering of DC’s mightiest superheroes in The Justice Leaguewhat do you expect to leave a mark like with The Avengersbut then it’s not as much as you expected.

The fault, in large part, lies with the erratic direction of the franchise and the fact that Marvel has set the tone we’ve come to expect from superheroes. Thus, when other visions like Zack Snyder’s come, it seems that something creaks.

In any case, it cannot be said that DC has impoverished Warner. Rather, it is that he was that son from whom an outstanding was always expected and, in most cases, he has remained in the remarkable scrape in terms of collection.

And before we start, one important thing for this review. We won’t be looking at just recent DCEU movies, but all starring some incarnation of a DC superhero.

The highest grossing movies

We leave you below with the 10 highest-grossing films, ordered from lowest to highest grossing:

10. Superman Returns (2006): more than 374 million dollars

superman returns

Brandon Routh is the Superman that everyone has forgotten. The attempt to revive the character did not do badly at the box office and he gets into this top 10, but the truth is that the film doesn’t have much luster.

That it was not the expected triumphant return made Henry Cavill put on the cape in modern incarnations of the son of Krypton.

9. Batman (1989): more than 411 million dollars

It was quite a phenomenon and the anticipation for the version of Batman signed by Tim Burton was brutal. That translated into a box office that, for the time, is simply beastly.

We must bear in mind that we talked about this collection more than 30 years ago. Converted to today’s money, it would be a lot more.

8. The Justice League (2017): more than 652 million dollars

The Justice League

The first meeting of The Avengers exceeded one billion and something like that was expected by DC with its version of the most powerful superheroes on the planet.

However, the poor planning, the rush, the Joss Whedon disaster when he replaced Snyder, and that the film is bad with desire, they left it like a ship without wind in the middle of nowhere.

Which is a ton of money, but he could have easily made double that with a good look at the DCEU.

7. Man of Steel (2013): more than 668 million dollars

Henry Cavill’s first foray as Superman had audiences responding. the trailers they had uploaded the hype Up to the clouds. It seemed that we were going to have the version of Superman that we deserved… and Snyder came with that vision of his.

Confusing and a bit messy, as almost always with Zack, the film alternates some spectacular scenes (Snyder is excellent at creating such scenes, another theme is putting them together in a good story) and a somewhat flat film that divided the fans and that the critics did not treat very well.

6. Suicide Squad (2016): more than 746 million dollars

suicide squad

The wax that was given to this film is deserved, although there is a double standard with Marvel that is beyond my understanding, because almost all of their films are just as mediocre, except for some honorable exceptions.

However, he received so many sticks that everyone had to suicide squad Like a failure in every way. Not at the box office, where was an unexpected success with almost 750 million of dollars that no one anticipated.

5. Wonder Woman (2017): more than 821 million dollars

DC did not raise his head and they hit him everywhere, until he arrived wonder-woman to solve that. The movie liked by critics and publicalthough it is impossible to be more conventional and the third act, the final fight, is a bit sad with the effects, although that usually happens (right, Black Panther?).

The point is that moving away from Snyder’s dark vision paid off and breathed new hope into the DCEU. Then came that horrible second part that ruined everything, but good.

4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): more than 867 million dollars

batman v superman

The meeting of the two most famous superheroes in history (sorry, Marvel, but that’s how it is) should have jumped the bank, but did not even reach the figure of 1,000 million.

The movie has horrible flaws, script problems and a spectacular fight between batman and supermanalmost the only thing worth it. Wasted and confused, once again it was not what was expected at the box office.

3. The Dark Knight (2008): more than 1,000 million dollars

Christopher Nolan had to come with the second part of his trilogy to reach the long-awaited billion. Driven, no doubt, by the tragic fate of Heath Ledgerrevealed us the best superhero movie that least resembles a superhero movie.

Either way, it’s DC and box office history.

2. The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises (2012): more than 1,080 million dollars

The Dark Knight Rises

There was a huge expectation for the next installment of Nolan’s Batman and that boosted it to surpass the predecessor and be another blockbuster.

Yes, the movie is significantly lower than the previous installment and, in general, it is not a big deal. The worst death scene in history, a Bane who was not understood and, in general, a forced script with unlikely situations. But a box office success and the silver medal.

1. Aquaman (2018): more than 1,100 million dollars

If a few years ago they had told us that Aquaman was going to be highest grossing DC movie We would have burst out laughing and rightly so. A superhero who has always been the butt of jokes from fans and having to raise the film by himself… And even so, it was a smash hit.

what the movie is bad with desire, but, again, the path of moving away from Zack Snyder’s vision and trying to imitate Marvel was followed. Impossible to make a more generic adventure film.

However, the public responded and Jason Momoa’s charisma is undeniable. That makes it the DC movie that has received the most money. And against all odds.

As you can see, in reality, it is not that DC has had failure after failure, it is that we expected a lot from its Extended Universe. However, every time I look at DC’s blockbuster movies and my bank account, I can’t help but think that if that’s failing, I don’t know what my thing is called.