The 15 best quotes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe It has not only triumphed for its characters, its epic action scenes or its interconnected plots. Some of the words that superheroes have said on the big screen will be remembered for a long time, be it for their forcefulness, for their ability to inspire and motivate or by the history that they carry behind In these lines we will remember some of the most interesting phrases that the UCM has given us. Some of them were not even written in the original scripts, demonstrating once again the importance of working with great actors.

The 15 best phrases of the UCM

These are, in our opinion, the 15 best phrases that the UCM has left us. Which would you add or do you miss?

I am Iron Man

We will start with The phrase that started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All their lives, superheroes have tried to hide their identity to protect their loved ones. But… Tony Stark is Tony Stark. At the end of Iron Man (2008), Stark had to clear the doubts between Iron Man and his person. However, Robert Downey Jr. ended up turning the situation around. Kevin Feige liked the twist and that is how the UCM was kicked off, creating an alternative version of the comics, but without altering its essence. Are They will also be the last words Thanos hears. before Stark does his own finger snap.

I don’t want to go, Mr. Stark

I don't want to go stark.jpg

Can Marvel create an emotional moment in their movies without it becoming a big deal? meme? The young man’s farewell spider-man on Avengers: Infinity War It was a hard and sad moment. However, they say that humor is the result of adding tragedy over time, and Holland’s death was not going to be less. There are thousands of memes of this moment, to the point that it is difficult to remember the words of the dubbing in Spanish that we saw in Spain at the time.

Test me, Beyonce

Secrets of Doctor Strange

The most remembered joke of doctor strange It was totally improvised. When Strange meets Wong, he is surprised that he doesn’t have a last name and compares him to artists who don’t have last names like Eminem or Adele. But the thing does not stop there. A little later, the protagonist asks Wong for a book and he tells him that he is not ready to read it. Strange gets pissed off and releases the mythical phrase “Test me, Beyoncé.” As it turned out later, the comment It was an improvisation by Cumberbatchbut the director was so amused that it stayed in the final cut.

Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

Black Panther

This black panther inspirational quote it should apply to more than one. It won’t have the power of any Tony Stark phrase, but it defines T’Challa’s personality and role in the MCU very well.

I am Groot

With just three words, little Groot won over the youngest Marvel fans —and the not-so-little ones. There are those who have even dedicated themselves to counting the times that the character of Guardians of the Galaxy He has said his thing. And, the truth is that she hasn’t done badly, since Disney has even made an animated series for her.

I’m always furious

If Mark Ruffalo has achieved something, it is that we like the Hulk. The actor nails both characters, something quite complicated -remember that, in the past, the Hulk was played by two different actors-. when the mutant decides to collaborate with the Avengers, Captain America urges Banner that the time is right to transform. And that’s when he lets out the mythical phrase “That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always furious.”

i understood that reference

meme reference captain america

Captain America was frozen for about 70 years, so catching up on all the cultural references he’s lost is more complicated than keeping up with all the movies and series being made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

El Cap knows perfectly well when his companions allude to a culture reference. However, he cannot catch them. This happens constantly until Nick Fury makes a reference to the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz, musical film from 1939. And, finally, Captain America understands a reference, unable to contain his enthusiasm and saying it out loud. Oh, and becoming a meme, of course.

Is adopted

thor loki

never a joke so quickly had provided so much information. In the same scene as the Captain America reference, Thor quickly says that his brother Loki is adopted just as he is verbally attacked.

we have a hulk

This is how Tony Stark responds to Loki when he threatens him with a army. Later we will discover that there are enemies more powerful than Loki, but Iron Man’s hesitation is very appropriate in the conversation.

I could do this all day

captain america vs captain america

A Captain America recurring phrase. It doesn’t matter if they’re beating the crap out of it, because Steve Rogers doesn’t give up lightly like that. He reached the point of the phrase that Captain America himself uses it against himself in end game. Future Rogers isn’t too surprised by his own stubbornness.

What is loss but persevering love?


Not everything is going to be memes, jokes and jokes in this top. The most poetic phrase of the entire UCM it’s in episode 8 of Wandavisionwhen Vision makes Wanda understand that sooner or later, she would have to face reality.

Avengers Assemble

the Avengers

Although it is not an original phrase from the UCM -since it already appeared in the comics-, this moment in end game is capable of motivating more than the Ibai Llanos Selectivity speech.

i love you 3000

The cutest moment of all end game it wasn’t originally in the script. Little Morgan resolves an argument with her father about who loves the other more with the mythical phrase “I love you 3,000.” The phrase was originally said by one of Robert Downey Jr.’s sons. When Joe and Anthony Russo heard it, they decided they had to include it in the movie. Later, Iron Man would say goodbye to his family using that same expression, showing that there is also a little heart behind the reactor of his suit.

Wakanda Forever

Black Panther

“Wakanda Forever” is one of those cries that have come to stay, especially after the death of Chadwick Boseman. The phrase and the gesture have been associated with the fight for racial equality, demonstrating that the black panther legacy It is able to pass through screens.

I am unavoidable


We close with one of the most forceful phrases in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos gives many speeches throughout his appearances on the big screen, and it all concludes with that last sentence before his final snap in end game where he sums up very well the type of villain he is. Still, you might miss his glibness, right?