The 15 best science fiction series on Netflix

Lost in Space.

The serial panorama in which we live, driven by streaming platforms, has seen how one of the most traditional genres lived a new bum extraordinarily original ideas and approaches. Indeed, we are referring to science fiction, that door that cinema or television always leaves open to dystopian futures, apocalyptic catastrophes and impossible technologies that even allow us to travel through time. Can you ask for more?

Escape from the real world

We will not say that science fiction was invented to evade us from the sorrows that plague us in our day to day because it is not true, but it is true that there is some longing to be able to find an answer, almost always technological, to a problem that has no apparent solution: fix the past, escape death, survive a nuclear (and viral) catastrophe or conquer space by finding new life forms and planets to inhabit. All of this remains within what we call science fiction and tends to stroll through realities, worlds and universes that do not exist.

Science fiction, from the golden age of the most recognized authors of the genre during the last century, such as Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, etc., has been one of the most attractive genres for readers and within the field of television and streaming platforms, it goes without saying that it is one of the most popular. It’s hard not to fall in love with a story of monsters and worlds turned upside down, or wild contests where lives are at stake. Even recreations of the future, which are crazier than they lead us to think that, just the same, the present in which we live is not bad at all.

That is why we have encouraged ourselves to bring the names of some fictions that you have available on Netflix and that center their story on classic elements of science fiction. Do you want to meet them?

The best sci-fi series on Netflix

Below we detail 15 science-fiction series that you have on Netflix and that will be worth watching. There are many more out there, but surely these are the ones that take the cake. Here you have them:

alice in wonderland

Many Netflix subscribers are using this Japanese series as calming before the arrival of the second season of The Squid Game. In alice in wonderland the protagonists will have to play and play and play if they do not want to suffer the consequences of a kind of alternative reality in which the city of Tokyo is immersed.

Altered Carbon

Netflix attracted all the attention of science-fiction lovers with a format of fantastic stories of suspense, mystery and paradoxes typical of the literature of the last century, when authors like Philip K. Dick filled their books with short but surprising stories. Throughout the 18 episodes of its two seasons, we will learn strange auto-conclusive stories that will lead us to reconsider the most varied topics: evil, time travel, immortality…

welcome to eden

This curious Spanish series that was practically born as a web project, you have it available on Netflix and puts us in the shoes of a group of young people who receive a curious invitation to go to a secret island. There they will be greeted with the question “Are you happy?” Those who accept will begin what seems like an incredible experience that, over time, will stop looking like what they thought was paradise.


Surely this is the series that defines science fiction of the last decade. BlackMirror It is a compendium of stories that touch on countless topics from a purely fantastic point of view and with extraordinarily surprising and imaginative approaches. In total you have 22 episodes spread over five seasons and sticking to a full marathon to finish it could be counterproductive, because the number of dystopias it has in its footage is such that we could become disconnected from reality. Don’t you believe us?


German series that, for many, is the best science-fiction production present on Netflix. It has three seasons that will keep you on your toes with everything that happens around a small town in Germany, Winden. Time travel, surprising events and an ending that, as often happens with these highly successful productions, not everyone likes. Seeing her once in a lifetime should be a must.

The Squid Game

What to say about one of the most watched phenomena in the history of Netflix. The Korean contest with a colossal prize where participants only have to pay with their own lives. Waiting for a second season, those of you who have not yet enjoyed its nine episodes are taking a long time to hit a good weekend marathon.

into the night

Based on the Polish novel Axolotl’s old agewritten by Jacek Dukaj, this series takes us through two seasons the scenario that the sun’s rays begin to be deadly. Anyone who is exposed to them dies practically instantly, so we will learn how the authorities (from NATO in this case) work against the clock to find a solution and save the greatest number of lives. Apocalypse, catastrophes and misfortunes of those that we like to see from time to time to, who knows, be prepared for the impossible.

Lost in Space

This Netflix original production is the umpteenth adaptation of the legendary television series of the 60s of the last century and to which they have given a small twist. Some characters are respected but the action is new so we will have an unprecedented perspective of that Robinson family that wanders through space although, on this occasion, they are not completely lost alone as in the original series and movies. Of course, the relationship between Will Robinson and the Robot remains despite the years that have passed…

Love, Death & Robots

This series is an extraordinary experience that bases all its charm on showing us stories created with 2D and 3D animation techniques where questions that concern love, death and robots are always touched. From there, in each of the three seasons that it consists of, they will unravel how these three practically universal themes (robots = technology) are perceived by some of the most outstanding creators of our time.

Sense 8

Throughout 24 chapters spread over two seasons, Sense 8 tells us the story of eight strangers who belong to different cultures, races and sexual orientations but who come to experience the death of the same woman through revelations, visions and dreams, That connection will allow them to feel and share everything what they know as they seek an explanation for what is happening to them.

star trek

If there is a franchise that represents the boom of science fiction during the last century, that is star trek, created by Gene Roddenberry. Well, you should know that you have on Netflix both the original series and The new generation which premiered in the 90s, as well as Deep Space Nine, business Y Voyager. Unfortunately, Star Trek Discoverywhich began broadcasting on Netflix, has been transferred to Prime Video where you can access its four seasons.

stranger things

Is it necessary to say something about this series of the Duffer brothers? Only if you have not been living on Earth in the last six years you will not have heard of it. If this is your case, we can only recommend a series that is the paradigm of those stories that we are so passionate about where failed experiments are mixed, insatiable monsters and dark worlds emerged from a nightmare. The fourth season is about to end but it still has some time left.

The One

Can you imagine that someone discovers a way to match people through DNA in such a way that this union is perfect and guarantees an idyllic and stable relationship for life? With such a treasure in your hands, what better way to exploit it than with a marriage agency capable of guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. If you like the idea, you will like it The One.


We couldn’t finish (almost) this special without uan apocalyptic recommendation with a virus in between which exterminates most of the population, in this case Scandinavian. The story takes us to two brothers who, tired of hiding and surviving, want to go out into the real world to see what has happened, if they can recover their life as they knew it and, since they are, get answers.

tribes of europe

Europe is experiencing an apocalypse from which it is trying to recover, although the continent survives divided into small states at odds with each other. Three brothers will fight to survive while a tremendous threat hangs over a territory that does not seem to have suffered enough. This series is the latest work from the creators of Dark before the premiere at the end of 2022 of 1899also on Netflix.