The 7 best apps to pass the EBAU with the help of your mobile

High school is a very difficult and important period to gain access to the university career we want. Despite this, the fear of every student of these ages is going to be the so-called EBAU, or High School Assessment for University Access. This test leads the high school student to demonstrate everything she has learned, and the grade obtained will be key to later having more options to choose a career. To pass you will need to study a lot, but with these applications you will have it a little easier.

On the Internet we have several pages to prepare for the EBAU that can be very useful for looking for notes or exams from other years. However, now we all tend to use our smartphones and portable devices for practically everything, and if this is your case, we bring you a series of applications that will help you prepare for the EBAU in the best possible way.

Selectivity exams Andalusia

If you are preparing to “face” the EBAU, I am sure that you know more than enough that the best way to do it is through exams from previous years. These can make us an approximation to the type of questions that can fall to us, in addition to being very useful to test us. For that, this app is perfect.

Selectivity exams Andalucía contains exams for practically all subjects such as English, Mathematics, History or Physics. In addition, the same app also It has the solutions of these examsso it will not cost you too much to see how you have done.

Lets EBAU Selectivitime

Lets EBAU Selectivitime is one of the most modern apps you’ll find on this list, and it’s great because it helps you study and review while you play. The app has a very simple interface, but it doesn’t really need much more for its objective, which is to help us pass the EBAU.

This app contains more than 5,000 questions divided into 15 subjects, and has 3 different levels of difficulty. We can also use a study mode with more than 700 questions, which makes this app one of the most interesting options on the list.


If one of the subjects that most resists you is Biology, you shouldn’t think too much about it before downloading BioPAU. This app contains questions focused on this subject both from the EBAU and high schoolwhich makes it a very good option to review.

The application is free, but it has a paid version that gives access to all themes. Despite this, the free version can come in very handy, and also includes a game so that studying biology turns out to be something more enjoyable.


SelectividApp Physics

We already leave biology aside to move on to another subject that is also included in science. Physics can be quite a bone to prepare, but with this app you will have a very good support for it from the palm of your hand.

This app has physics selectivity exams, both PAU and EBAU. It also contains 24 real exercises with all their solutions so that we don’t have any problem if we want to correct them. Also, if you want to take it somewhere you do not need to be connected to the Internet to use it.


We move on to another subject-specific app, although this time we’re moving away from science. Historieando is an app that seeks to help high school students prepare in the best possible way the History of Spain for the EBAU.

The app has all its content distributed by thematic blocks, so finding anything we’re looking for will be very easy. In addition, we can also test to check that we are assimilating content, something that can also be fun.


If we talk about searching for subjects or content from both high school courses, this app is the undisputed queen of the world. In the app you will find all kinds of subjectssuch as Language and Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy or History, to name just a few.

It has more than 500 cards with mini notes, in addition to 1200 questions and tests so that we can practice. The app is updated every so often adding more content, so it should be a must for you while you’re in high school.


If we talk about studying, it was impossible not to put Brainly on this list. This app has more than 350 million students from all over the worldand in reality it is still a kind of social network where people raise doubts and others resolve them by adding an explanation.

Answers will always be moderated, so you shouldn’t see people giving wrong answers on purpose. The specific app that is ideal if you are a student preparing for the EBAU, so don’t hesitate to download it and try it on your Android device.