The Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa lowers its price: yours for € 39!

amazon echo dot 3 offer

The Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa It is one of the best-selling devices in the entire Amazon catalog. Its use is extremely useful for everyday practically anyone. It is something that you do not need, but that, after learning of its existence, you will not want to miss the opportunity to have it. And it is that its functions are multiple. But first, let us tell you that it is on sale on Amazon, and that, for its price, it is very worth it right now. Let’s see what it can offer you, and, above all, at what price!

Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa: change your day to day

It may seem like a chimera, but nothing beyond reality, the Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa can revolutionize your day to day. Or, at least, the way to start it. Generally speaking, this is one of the smart speakers most complete on the marketand that competes with the famous Google.

With Alexa in your room you can enjoy all the Advantages of having a voice assistant within reach of… Your voice! That is the only limit. As long as the microphone built into this Echo Dot listens to you, you can ask your speaker for what you need.

For example, as soon as you get up, some of the most used functions are the related to home automation: raise the blinds, turn on the lights, turn on the Smart TV with integrated assistant… Endless options that are most practical for day-to-day use.

The smart speaker will also serve to offer you information about everythingand in any moment. If before leaving home you need to take the car, it will inform you of the traffic conditions in your area, or the weather outside, without opening a single window.

Of course, it will also serve to put your favorite music, connected to Spotify, or any other similar application. For example, it is compatible with a long list of them: Amazon Music, Apple Music, and radio stations of all kinds, such as Cadena SER, OndaCero or even Los 40 Principales. You ask, you will have it!

In your day to day it will help you put timers, add items to shopping list, ask sports scores, movie listings… Or any other curiosity that falls within the limits and possibilities of this great smart speaker.

The most interesting options are, without a doubt, the related to the control of your home. With Digital Home you can have absolutely all the home automation devices in your house connected: lights, thermostats, plugs, televisions… And the best thing, have absolute control, only through voice commands. Isn’t that amazing?

Offer on Amazon

To get this third generation Echo Dot with Alexa integrated, you just have to go to Amazon, where its price has dropped exponentially. From €49.99 to €39.99, a light but very good offer, since we hardly ever see it for such an amount. Take advantage and go for one!