The ARC A380 is tied for performance with the RX 6400, disappointment?

ARC A380 vs RX 6400

The launch of Intel’s first gaming graphics card in China could end up being a jug of cold water and therefore a small disappointment. The cause of this would be none other than the Intel ARC A380 and the AMD RX 6400 they would perform very similarly. Has Intel disappointed or should we wait for better graphics drivers to be released worldwide?

ARC Alchemist graphics cards are proving elusive at market launch. One of the suspicions we have is that the continuous delays are not due to poor execution, but to the fact that something is wrong with the architecture of the graphics chips. And no, we don’t mean that in a derogatory way, but Raja Koduri’s team has always specialized in taking existing architectures and refining them to the best possible performance. We have already seen his work at Apple, later at AMD and now at Intel with the ARCs. Is it enough to face NVIDIA and AMD?

The Intel ARC A380 is tied in performance with the AMD RX 6400

Well, let’s give the benefit of the doubt and hope that Intel has better drivers. Which is their argument for delaying the global launch, but it turns out that the performance of their A380, which is the most powerful model of their current ARC 3, ties with the RX 6400, the most modest of the current AMD dedicated. What was expected? Performance equal to or close to that of the RX 6500 XT. We do take into account that the AMD RX 6400 graphics card works at 2 GHz just like the Intel A380, but that the latter has 25% more floating point calculation unitsthen something happens. Applying Occam’s razor we only have two possibilities: worse architecture or bad drivers.

For the China launch of the ARC A380, Intel’s argument has shifted to performance-for-price, achieving 21% higher performance-per-unit currency than AMD’s card. This could be an indication that Intel might release its ARC Alchemist under the price argument. In other words, it would seek to attract the attention of players with lower economy in order to gain a foothold in the market, which is a priority for the blue brand in its first adventure in graphics cards for twenty years.

Only for Intel Core 10 and up?

Another of the news that has appeared is the fact that we will not be able to install an ARC Alchemist on a PC that uses an Intel Core prior to the tenth generation as a processor. The reason? Everything seems to indicate that one of the requirements is to have activated the Resizable BAR. That although it is a function of PCI Express and, therefore, of the motherboard, it would only be available in those that are compatible with these processors. That is, those who carry the 400, 500 or 600 chipset. As for the compatibility with the systems of its rival AMD, Intel has not commented at the moment.

Intel ARC Requirements Rezizable BAR