The battery of this ultra-thin HONOR laptop lasts all day

HONOR Magic Book

Ultrabooks are a real joy, in every way. As their name suggests, they stand out for not weighing anything, and being as thin as a small book. The best of all is that because they do not occupy anything they do not dispense with power, even being equal to many performance gaming models (which we already know, are the top). Well today we come to talk about one of them.

It is none other than him HONOR MagicBook 15a very high performance laptop that now has a discount of those that mark time on Amazon. Not a single detail is missing from this updated model that competes directly with the top of the range such as Apple’s MacBook, for example. Let’s see why it causes such good feelings!

HONOR’s ultra-slim laptop that lasts your whole day

The most remarkable thing about this laptop at first glance is its the most careful and simple design, with very contoured lines and a screen with micro edges that gives it that even more premium touch. Ideal to take to the office, to the university, or for entertainment.

And that is one of the main handicaps: being as fine as a small book only weighs 1.54 kg and it is highly portable. Its thickness is 1.69 mm. It is so light thanks to its aluminum body, which will also withstand the passing of the years without flinching or scratching and surviving the daily rattle. And if you still have doubts, here you can get a complete guide on laptops.


But those are not all its virtues. The truth is that this model has enough power to perform all kinds of tasks, even the heaviest ones such as engineering software or photo and video editing thanks to the AMD Ryzen 5500U that the same high-end computers equip, as well as 8GB of RAM and another 512GB of storage Super fast SSD.

As far as the screen is concerned, it is also a top of the range with a 15-inch panel and a FullHD resolution thanks to the FullView IPS panel. It is also ideal for watching movies, series or entertainment, of course it does not lack anything.

But one of the great advantages of this laptop is its battery that lasts all day: up to almost 12 hours of autonomy with fast charge to have it ready in the blink of an eye. Enjoy the autonomy that this laptop will give you without having to be glued to the charger all day.

And now with a great offer from Amazon!

Best of all is the discount that Amazon has for this HONOR laptop. Its usual price is 799 euros in the version with Windows 11, Spanish keyboard layout and gray color. Well, thanks to the 18% discount you can take it home for only 654.57 euros for a limited time. In case you have already decided, we leave you the purchase link right hereTake advantage before it’s too late!