The best free Adblockers for Android

Browsing the Internet can often be tedious, we say this because of the intrusive advertising on many pages. One of the best known ad blockers is Adblocker, but today it is not the only one available, it is also available on mobile devices under the well-known Android operating system.

Thanks to the tool you will be able to block all intrusive advertisements, any of the ones that you come across when visiting pages called favorites. The operation of many of them depends on these sponsors, so if you see that they are not annoying, it is best that you give certain permissions.

Currently there are many Adblock for Android, each of them with different characteristics, so it is best to hit the one that best suits your needs. Navigating from the terminal without ads will allow you to watch any content without having to close windows or wait for the videos to end.

Ad Shield

Ad Shield

It is a popular ad blocker that has been gaining respect for its effectiveness against intrusive page advertisements. The popular AdShield adds interesting filters, many of them functional, letting users choose which ads to block. A positive point is that it works with all browsers.

AdShield blocks all ads, be it pop-ups, banners, videos and any type of intrusive advertising that appears once you load the page. Without the load of advertising, the phone usually goes faster, especially if no extra window is opened when browsing the main one.

One of the points to consider is that blocks all types of known malicious software, including adware, spyware and possible web viruses. It usually blocks unencrypted websites, warning whether or not it is dangerous for users, in addition to displaying a warning that the page is not secure.

If you still see ads even after installing it, it is best to clear the cache, then open the browser on the mobile phone again. AdShield has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, has been downloaded by more than 1 million people and the comments are mostly all positive.

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Adblocker Browser Free

Adblock Browser

The well-known ad blocker is available for the Android operating system and all its browsers. Adblocker is a popular and well-known plugin that is really functional, since it blocks annoying intrusive advertising, the one that ultimately affects when visiting specific sites.

Its power allows you to block ads, banners, pop-up screens, videos and any type of advertising, leaving the page completely undisturbed. Removing these ads will save an important part of the battery, as they are processes that cost the autonomy of the device.

Adblocker Browser Free blocks third-party cookies, it also goes into the background when it’s working without disturbing users when they’re browsing. It has been downloaded by more than 10 million people and is the most popular in the Play Store. The rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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It is a browser that is earning the respect of many Android users thanks to safe and fast browsing, thereby avoiding seeing annoying and intrusive advertising. Brave is exceeding the numbers imposed in its day, so much so that it currently exceeds 50 million downloads within the Play Store.

The web browser comes with an integrated ad blocker, with the installation of the application nothing is needed, it is activated by default. In addition, Brave will not leave any trace when browsing, it does so anonymously and it is quite fast as well as light since it does not weigh much.

It comes with a pre-installed Adblock, it can be fully configured, seeing the desired ads, whether they are just banners, videos or an ad that interests you. Brave Software has led this application to be one of the most downloaded, being a safe browser in every way.

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ad block plus

ad block plus

It is one of the best Android ad blocker next to Adblocker Browser Free. AdBlock Plus is a very useful tool, you install it and forget to configure it, by default it blocks everything, whether they are banners, pop-ups and any advertising window, including interactive videos.

Its blocking is automatic, so the ads will disappear when visiting different pages, you have an option that is to allow some ads, those less intrusive. One of its many features is safe browsing, since it protects you from all spyware, adware, as well as phishing attacks.

It’s right up there with Adblocker Browser Free, with about 5 million downloads currently. The rating is not one of the highest, but Adblock Plus reaches 3.7 stars out of 5 possible. It is installed and can be configured if desired once it becomes operational.

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