The best Hay Day tricks for Android

It may not seem like it, but there are Android mobile users who are still interested in farm games, and Hay Day is a great option. However, if you want additional help, you should take advantage of the best Hay Day Tricks, with which you will get many rewards.

In Hay Day, you will have to manage a farm and everything connected with it, as is the case with crops, fields and even the animals that live there.

Despite being a completely free game, there is exclusive content for which you must pay certain amount of money. However, there are ways to get additional content in this game, and it will be through tricks, which vary in function.

In addition, You will not only be able to receive money if you start to put into practice these tricks, but you can also access to diamonds, which will be very useful when it comes to improving your farm and crops.

Download Hay Day for Android

Before proceeding to use the tricks that we will indicate, you will have to download Hay Day for your Android device. Like any other popular game, it is available in the Google app store, so it will only suffice by tapping on the link for the game to download.

Hay Day (Free, Google Play) →

After you install the game on your mobile, you will have to register using an email address and a password. From here, you can start exploring the game world and getting familiar with your farm environment.

List of cheats for Hay Day

Play Hay Day on Android

Depending on the time you dedicate to Hay Day, your farm will evolve slower or faster, but you can always use methods to speed up this process, and in these cases, will be several tricks:

resource management

When you start playing Hay Day, you will start earning resources, which are your main source of growth for your farm. This means that you will have to learn to manage them so that your farm grows correctly.

We know it can be quite a challenge. but it will be enough to make some strategic moves. First, you should not spend all the seeds in one go.

Although, the greater the number of seeds planted, the the greater the number of harvests you will have, but if you spend them quickly, you will need more in the future and because you finished them, you will have to buy more using diamonds.

At the same time, manage your diamonds wisely. Try not to use them all to buy new products, since they will be very valuable later.

Optimize your times

Every upgrade in the game takes a specific amount of time therefore, optimize these times as much as you can and take advantage of the breaks you take between games.

The best thing you can do is that while you are in the game, focus your attention on the simplest tasks, and leave the most complicated for when you have free time, as is the case with crops.

Improve your earnings

You can sell your products in the in-game store, especially if you have too many of them. In that way, you will earn money to invest in the farm and make it grow.

But the most important thing in scenarios like this is that you should always try to negotiate for your merchandise and never give it away. There are visitors who would pay the cost without hesitation, but there are others They don’t want to invest and you should not allow it.

Another technique that you can resort to is inform you about prices that other players set for their products, and based on that, offer yours with an offer percentage, which should not be greater than 5% or 10%.

Become an expert trader

One of Hay Day’s best tricks it will require you to become a professional trader. To start this task, you can look in the newspaper construction tools and buy several of them. After, Try selling them one by one. and thus you will recover your investment and earn more.

get more diamonds

In addition to the previous tricks, you can market food and get diamonds in return. You can sell the following:

  • Dairy: From butter to cheese and cream.
  • Pastry: From cakes, sweets, sugar and syrup. must sold separately and at a considerable price.
  • Do not sell eggs or bacon: They are easy to get products, so they won’t sell too much.

If you do not want to sell anything, then you can choose between the tricks that we will leave you below:

  • Advanced levels: Next to the daily drawer they will give you a purple ticket. With it, you will access a video that, after watching it, they will pay you with 2 diamonds.
  • Plant wheat: If you plant wheat and cover all the ground and collect it, the game will give you an expensive item every 2 minutes, which can be sold.