The best MacBook and at the best price: see what you are discounting

macbook air offer

With the arrival of the M1 chip in Apple computers, one of the most benefited models is undoubtedly the MacBook Air, since it maintains all its traditional characteristics but adds a higher performance capacity, being able to satisfy the needs of users much More demanding. On top of that, it now has a really interesting discount that makes it an ideal purchase.

These are the discounts on MacBook Air

From the outset, the MacBook Air M1, as we have mentioned, is a computer that has a great quality/price ratio. However, it is still a device that has a high price and for which users have to pay a large amount of money. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to acquire the 2020 MacBook Air M1 with 8 GB of RAM at a great discount, and thus be able to save yourself a considerable amount of money. Then we leave you what the discounts are.

  • macbook air 256GB
    • Color Silver: 154 euros off.
    • Color Gold: 154 euros off.
    • Color Gray space: 154 euros off.
  • macbook air 512GB
    • Color Silver: 214 euros off.
    • Color Gold: 182 euros off.
    • Color Gray space: 200 euros off.

4 Reasons why it is a good idea to buy it

Once you know the discount that each and every one of the models have in different finishes and capacities, we want to give you 4 reasons why you should buy this MacBook Air and take advantage of the fantastic discount that you have available on Amazon, since an occasion like this don’t show up every day.

  • The portability is the great advantage offered by this MacBook Air. It has a very attractive design, made with the highest quality materials, and above all, with an ideal size to carry it in a backpack, a suitcase or anywhere, giving you the versatility to use it anywhere.
  • The power of this computer is one of the strong points. The arrival of the M1 Chip has given it more capacity to satisfy those users who until now fell short with a MacBook Air. This now, with this model, does not happen.
  • Is too quiet. And it is that, in terms of power, something that usually happens to laptops that offer great performance is that their fans make considerable noise. Well, you won’t have that problem with the MacBook Air, since it’s Apple’s quietest computer. The good temperature management that this apple device does despite having brutal power is really incredible.
  • The battery It is another determining factor to mark the user experience. With this MacBook Air, Apple has achieved autonomy dreamed of by all users of this type of device. You can be totally sure that your laptop will withstand long hours of work uninterruptedly, being able to leave the charger at home.