The best tricks for Last Day on Earth on Android

Last Day on Earth is a game that since last year is especially successful among users on Android and iOS. This is one of the most interesting survival games on the market, so it’s definitely an option to consider if you like this genre. Something that many are looking for when they play Last Day on Earth is to know tricks.

If you were looking for cheats for Last Day on Earth on Android, we leave you below with a selection. They are tricks that will help you to advance in this game and also, they are tricks that are simple to use, so you will not have problems when applying them in the game. You won’t have to buy anything or do anything special to use them.

Last Day on Earth is one of the survival games most outstanding in the whole world, with a great legion of players. Therefore, it is good to know a series of tricks that will help us in the same on Android, so that we can advance in the best way. In addition, it is a game in which there are many elements or dangers, that we do not always take everything into account. when we are playing. These are tricks with which we seek to make it easier for you to play this title on Android.

Clothes and shoes

last day on earth clothing

The clothes we wear in the game are not just an aesthetic element with which to change the appearance of our character. But it is something that is going to help protect us from the many enemies in the game. Therefore, it is something of great importance, so it is important that we always wear something on top, because it will make a big difference.

What’s more, footwear is something of enormous importance in Last Day on Earth. The most important thing is boots or shoes, because this is something that will help us run faster. Therefore, in the event that we have to flee from enemies if there is an emergency, we can move at a higher speed. This is something that can assume that we are going to survive in the game or prevent what we have from being taken, so it is a notable difference.

Take only the essentials with you

One of those cheats for Last Day on Earth that a lot of people overlook but is important to note in the game. When we leave the base, we normally do this because we want to get different materials, such as wood, food or stones, for example. As you know, on some occasions we are going to find in large quantities what we are looking for, but if we carry too many things, we will not be able to take everything and this is a lost opportunity. In addition to a risk if we have to make two trips.

When leaving the base in the game we must take only the most essential or necessary with us, nothing more. This assumes that we should only go out with a couple of equipped weapons, a bottle of water and little else. As we obtain materials, you will be able to make hatchets and picks easily, so it is not necessary to take a few of each and thus take away space for materials and parts. This is something that will make a clear difference in many moments of the game, since we will be able to collect more.

Attack all zombies from behind

Last day on earth attack zombies

This is one of those tricks that we will not be able to use in all situations in Last Day on Earth, but that we must take as an important recommendation, that is, try to do it whenever possible. Fight an animal or a zombie in the game is something that can be very tedious. Especially in those times when we don’t have too many weapons or adequate protection to help. That fight becomes much more complex then.

In the lower right part of the screen there is a button that allows us to crouch. This is a button that will be very helpful, because it will allow us to approach a zombie without it knowing that we are there. In this way we can move and stand behind the zombie in question. Just when we’re behind him, we’re going to have to hit him. You are going to see that in many cases that single blow is going to be more than enough to knock him down, so we have saved ourselves some annoying battle that we may not have a chance of winning. Also, this is something that is also effective on deer, which will outrun you if you startle them.

Kill before you start collecting items

Collecting is something that we are normally going to do several times a day in the game. Since it is necessary to store materials, parts or food. It is not something that we can avoid doing, but we are going to have to do it at all times and it is known that this can be a somewhat heavy task on many occasions and also dangerous. Especially in those moments when we see that there are many zombies around us.

There is something that we must take into account and that can help us in this regard, when there are many zombies. The best we can do in these cases is finish off all those zombies before you start cutting or chopping. This will leave us with the security that no one is going to attack us or bother us while we are collecting. So security is increased significantly with this action. This is a mistake that many make in the game, so it is good to keep this in mind.

Auto pick up items

This is something that many users may not know, so it is one of those Last Day on Earth tricks to keep in mind. On the left side of the phone there is a button that says Auto. This is a button that we must always keep in mind, because it will become a huge help when we are playing. If you’ve never used it, it’s time to learn more about this button and why it’s worth it.

When you have killed all the zombies at some point in the game, press this button. By doing this, you will see how your character in the game begins to collect all the materials in the area, except the suitcases with pieces. The collection process becomes much faster and simpler at all times thanks to it. Also, if you have followed the tip or trick in the previous section, you have already killed the zombies completely, so there are no more dangers around you. You will be able to collect everything without any worries.

Battles with other characters

There are times when we go out to collect and then we meet other players. In addition, it is possible that in some of these cases these characters want to attack us, in order to obtain what we have with us at that moment. If this is the case, it is important that you observe the amount of life and the weapon it carries this other character. This is clearly important when deciding what we should do at that moment.

Depending on the weapon you have, as well as your amount of life, we will know if we can kill him or not. Killing him will let you take all his belongings (which can be very interesting at times), but if he kills you then you will lose everything you were carrying, even your backpack and clothes. If you’re wearing sneakers, you might run faster or as fast as him, so if you can’t kill this character, in these cases it is advisable to flee towards the green areas they leave the map not to be annihilated then.

cook whatever food you have

last day on earth food

Among the best tricks for Last Day on Earth, one about food in the game could not be missing. Food and water are two essential things in this game. Therefore, we have to take maximum care of its use at all times. For example, it is not recommended eat nothing raw, since this will give us a smaller amount of energy. Which means that we are going to need to eat again after a few minutes.

The food that we have in the game, such as carrots or a steak, it is better that we go to cook them. This has a clear advantage over eating them raw, as it will give us much more energy this way. This will allow us to have to eat less frequently in the game itself, needing less food in this way.

Water is also a very valuable resource in Last Day on Earth. Luckily, it is something that we can easily collect when we get the rain collector. In addition, it is important that we do not throw the empty water bottles we have, since you can put them in said collector and get water in a few minutes in this way. So it will make our lives much easier when we are playing.