The Cannon: Antec’s most beastly box for your gaming PC

Antec The Cannon

Antec It is a well-known manufacturer in the hardware industry, but in addition to the good quality of its power supplies, heat sinks, and PC cases, on many occasions its notoriety comes from the bizarreness of its designs. It is the case of The Cannonthe gaming pc case that they have just presented and that is the pinnacle of the manufacturer’s high-end range.

The Cannon is a box designed to, almost literally, be able to install any hardware inside, from E-ATX format plates to complex custom liquid cooling systems. Under the motto “DIY” (do it yourself, do it yourself), this box in Full Tower format is made of aluminum alloy, and its open concept design is designed so that we can see all the hardware mounted inside.

This is The Cannon, Antec’s largest box

The Cannon has dimensions of 604 x 261 x 481 mm and weighs 10 Kg empty, so you can already get an idea of ​​the enormous size it occupies. This PC case has space to install two individual custom liquid cooling systems at the same time, allowing us to have a separate system for the processor and another for the graphics card, for example.

In fact, The Cannon carries versatility by the flag, and allows the graphics card to be installed in two different anchor points: with the graphics on the front (and with the possibility of moving the bracket to place it in a different position depending on its size) , on the left side in a more traditional way, or even both places if you want to fit a dual graphics card setup.

This case also features tempered glass inserts throughout, protecting the internal hardware but allowing it to be seen. The case structure is made of CNC-cut aluminum alloy, and supports up to 3 x 360mm radiators simultaneously (in total, up to 4 radiators can be installed at a time):

  • Front: 120 / 240 / 360 mm (maximum thickness of 45 mm).
  • Side: 120 / 240 / 360 mm (thickness up to 60 mm).
  • Rear: 120 / 140 / 240 / 280 / 360 / 420mm (thickness up to 45mm).

In terms of storage, the case also has quite a bit of flexibility, being able to install two hard drive racks in different positions. In total, two drives can be installed (two 2.5-inch drives, or one 2.5-inch drive and one 3.5-inch drive). As for the power supply, it supports ATX drives up to 270mm in length, E-ATX motherboards and below, and graphics cards of any size.

Price and availability: a box that not everyone can afford

Antec hasn’t talked about an availability date for The Cannon, but if it just announced it, it’s very likely that it won’t be long before it’s available. They have also not confirmed if it will be available in limited units as is quite common in this type of “special” design boxes, but what they have confirmed is its price: $479.99which in exchange will be between 480 and 500 Euros… of course, a price that not everyone will be willing to pay for a box for PC, however big and good it may be.