The cheapest MacBook now has a discount of 200 euros

macbook air m1 offer

If there is a Mac that has dazzled us, that is the MacBook Air with an M1 chip. A surprising team in terms of performance and that is also the cheapest Apple laptop, which is now even cheaper thanks to some juicy offers on Amazon. If you are thinking of switching to Mac or renewing yours for an M1, be careful because you will be interested in knowing all about these discounts.

Discounts and guarantees offered

The first thing you should know, being in addition to the most important thing, is that this computer is sold brand new on Amazon through Apple itself. Therefore, we already know that it is also authentic and there is no trap or cardboard. The store also offers a return period 30 days, plus 2 years warranty with coverage from Apple itself during the first and with them during the second.

Apart from this, the most interesting thing is to see their discounts compared to the price they have in the Apple Store. At the time of publishing this news, discounts can be found in their versions of 8 GB of RAM, depending on the color and storage capacity they have.

  • 256GB versions:
    • Gold color: 133 euros discount
    • Silver color: 130 euros discount
    • Space gray color: 100 euros discount
  • 512GB versions:
    • Any color: 200 euros discount

See all prices for the MacBook Air (M1)

See all prices for the MacBook Air M1  See all prices for the MacBook Air M1  See all prices for the MacBook Air M1



Of course, for reasons of stock, availability may vary. At this time, it is the 512 GB silver model that is best available in this regard, with shipments available for delivery in 24-48 hours.

What stands out the most about this MacBook?

In short, the highlights of this team could be summarized in X main points:

  • Design: an ultra-light form factor that makes it a tremendously portable device, but without giving up an interesting 13.3-inch screen size.
  • Autonomy: the M1 chip streamlines resource consumption and allows this computer to have plenty of battery for a day of intensive use and even more if it is not used excessively.
  • Performance: again thanks to the M1, this equipment comes equipped with an amazing performance that even in 8 GB versions is more than enough for all kinds of uses, including occasional heavy processing such as video or audio editing. In addition, it manages the temperature that is pleasant despite not having a fan.

Review MacBook Air M1 Apple Silicon

If you want to know more about this equipment, we recommend you take a look at the complete review we did a few months ago at La Manzana Bordida and in which we delve further into everything related to the performance of this equipment.

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