The curious purchase restriction of the iPhone 13 Pro

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There are many curiosities around Apple. Like for example, the number of iPhone that each person can buy. Until not long ago, there was no limit, but for a few years it has not been possible to complete the purchase through the brand’s online store with more than 2 units, but not in all models. And yes, all this has a justification.

If you enter the Apple Store online, you can see for yourself that it is possible to add any iPhone that is currently sold to your basket and add more units to the basket. However, if you choose a iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, you will see that no more than 2 can be added. Yes you can take two units of ’13 Pro’ and another two of ’13 Pro Max’, but no more than that.

For him rest of iPhone There is no such limitation, being able to buy all the units you want from any of those for sale. Although it is true that it does not seem like a major problem either, given that normally nobody makes massive purchases, it does arouse some curiosity. And even more so if we take into account that they are the only two devices that have this limitation.

Origin of this restriction

Although the company never officially confirmed the reasons for this limit, it has been known that they do it to avoid purchases with stolen cards. In the same way, this limit could also be set for prevent illegal sale of devices without authorization. Why they chose 2 units and not 3, for example, is already a mystery that not much is known about.

Although if there is a possible reason for this it is the lack of stock. Regardless of whether it is proven to be a legal and bona fide purchase, the company takes into account the few iPhone 13 Pro units due to the component crisis in the sector. And thanks to this limitation, what they seek is that a greater number of users can access the units that are available.

Regarding physical store purchases, tell you that this limit is also present. We do not know if at a given moment, explaining the situation to the seller, it is possible to buy 3 or more units, but at first they will not allow it. That as long as we talk about Apple, since in other stores legally selling iPhones may not have these limits.

There are also contradictions

If the limitation to two units of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max seems strange to you, it will seem even more strange that it is the only device of the company that has such a limit. In other devices are not hindered to add to cart until 999 units. See for example the MacBook Pro, also very limited for the same reason as the iPhone and yet they allow you to buy up to 6 units.

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In this way we can have purchases as absurd as 999 pairs of AirPods, 999 iPad and 999 MacBook and only 2 iPhone 13 from the ‘Pro’ range. And this, like the reason there are 2, is also a mystery. In theory, there are the same chances of finding scams with the purchase of several iPhones as with any other, and more so with headphones that are infinitely cheaper.

Be that as it may, what we conclude is that it will not matter how much money we have to buy an iPhone. We may want to invest a real fortune in buying a good batch of ‘Pro’ units, but we will have to go two by two. But hey, to give a certain real context to the matter, this is a very particular situation and frankly we doubt that it will be a problem for any average buyer.