The evolution of MacBook Air design

Today, Friday, July 15, the new MacBook Air M2 is released, which is not only a considerable evolution of the old generation, but also represents a design change that marks a before and after in the history of this device. For this reason, in this post we are going to review the different aesthetic changes that this Apple computer has undergone.

This is how the MacBook Air has changed

The presentation of the first MacBook Air was and is one of the most iconic of the Cupertino companyand it is that the image of the great Steve Jobs taking a computer out of an envelope. And it is that, from the first moment in which Apple presents this device, one of the points that most attracts attention is its design so minimalist, so thin and, of course, so attractive.

In fact, these design lines of the MacBook Air have been the ones that have marked the construction of the rest of Apple laptops since then, always seeking thinness, the minimum expression accompanied by simplicity, sobriety and elegance. In addition, there was a point in that first MacBook Air that called attention, and that is that its thickness was not uniform, that is, not all laptop chassis were the same thicknesssince this was decreasing as the part where the trackpad is located was approached.


This change in thickness has been a hallmark of the MacBook Air in all the models that Apple has presented since then, except in this latest MacBook Air M2, but hey, we’ll talk about it a little later. The design of that initial MacBook Air was maintained for many years, until in 2018, 10 years after the first model, the Cupertino company makes a modification to its design, which has been maintained until the latest MacBook Air M1. The screen frames are considerably reduced, in the same way that the thickness of the device itself does it again, although maintaining the absence of uniformity, that is, again this MacBook Air was not equally thick throughout its chassis.

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After this change, we come to the present, where Apple, now about 4 years later, re-introduces a layout change on the device itself. As we said, with the new MacBook Air M2, the Cupertino company breaks a design line that has accompanied this device since the first model, and that lack of uniformity in its thickness disappears, causing this MacBook Air inherits in a certain way the design of its older brothers, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. Now, the device is thinner than ever and, of course, it maintains that essence of being a computer very thin, very portable and, above all, aesthetically very beautiful and attractive.

macbook air m2

In addition, another aesthetic element added to this new model is the notchwhich is almost the main protagonist of the screen of this new MacBook Air M2, which, as happened in 2018, introduces changes in the finishes with which users can acquire it, having the midnight color as a great novelty.