The flash offers of the PcDays: Google Nest Mini and much more

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Do you want to get that product you have been looking for so long? best price possible? This is the opportunity you were waiting for: the PcDays of PcComponents they leave us with a host of flash deals in their wake. Do not miss it!

In our selection of flash deals today you will find those products for your home that you have always wanted to have. Not only have we found gaming chair perfect for any office, but also a air fryer at 32% discount. And even a vacuum cleaner that will make your life much easier!

If you want to save while you treat yourself, keep reading!

PcDays flash deals

From PcComponentes they have decided to throw the house out the window on these special days, and have lowered a huge number of items. From Topes de Gama we have selected four that you cannot miss under any circumstances.

A Princess Air Fryer

We start our compilation of offers with this air fryer of the Princess brand. It is one of the most complete that you will find right now on the market, not only for its power or capacity, but also for being intelligent.

You will be able to cook food for many people thanks to its 4.5 liters capacity. So much so that you can make more than 1 kg of frying at the same time, and that’s a lot! In addition, it has a power of 1500 W that promises to leave the most homogeneous results.

It has a large number of functions: it can keep warm, it can fry, bake, roast, toast… Almost everything you need to do in your kitchen it can do! Also, by not using oil, all dishes will be much healthier.

Is very Easy to use. Not only does it have a digital screen that will allow you to mark all the parameters, but you can also do it through the apps. Thanks to this, you can even start cooking while you are in the office. And everything will be ready when you get home! All this for less than €100 thanks to the discount you have.

The most discounted Roborock vacuum cleaner

Do you want to have one of the famous vacuum mops from roborock? They are devices that promise to leave your house spotless in less time than you can imagine. However, they are usually quite expensive. This model, for example, is usually around €500. But thanks to the 34% discount that it has right now, you can get it for €329.


With this vacuum cleaner, all the dirt will completely disappear from your house. Not just dry dirt, but wet dirt too! And in a single pass. In addition, thanks to its design, you can clean the borders with amazing ease.

One of its greatest advantages is that it is capable of moving very agilely, even between furniture. Also, you don’t have to be cleaning the vacuum cleaner when you have finished cleaning your floor, because it will clean itself!

Take advantage of PCDays with this gaming chair

Whether you’re one of those who spends hours playing games on the PC or if you work at home, there’s nothing like a good gaming chair. And, thanks to these PcDays, you can have it with you at a price that will seem incredible.

HP Omen chair PCDays

We are talking about the model Omen Citadel from HP, one of the top that you will find right now on the market. So much so that its standard price is usually around €400. But do not worry! Because it has an incredible 32% discount.

It is specifically designed so that you can spend hours sitting without causing discomfort or discomfort. In addition, it has 4D adjustable armrests that you can place in practically any way you need. Not only that, but it also supports more weight than any standard chair, reaching up to 136kg.

Of course, you can adjust both the height and the inclination, as well as lumbar and neck supports. And at a much lower price than usual: only €269.

And finally: the Google Nest Mini speaker at 49%

To end the flash offers of PcDays, we couldn’t stop talking about Google’s smallest smart speaker. This small device, which can help you so much in your day to day life, can be yours for less than €30.

Google Nest Mini

With this second generation of Nest Mini, you will notice how the quality of music has risen significantly. It has more power, more sharpness, and will allow you to enjoy of all the songs you need. In addition, your assistant will always be at your disposal, waiting to help you.