The GoPro HERO9 falls in price: is it the best sports camera?

if there is one sports camera that is famous today, that is without a doubt the GoPro HERO9. Light, easy to use and transport, and with a quality exceptional both image and video. And with a discount almost €100 right now!

Sports cameras have become more and more famous. Not only athletes bet on them, but also influencers and other people who are dedicated to social networks. because they are so little that serve to record anywhere. Both physical activities and trips, vlogging newspapers and almost anything you can imagine. And although there are those who still think about it for him pricethere are discounts with which you can jump into the pool.

For example, the famous GoPro HERO9 It’s 19% off right now on Amazon. And that the pack we have chosen comes with a transport case that will protect it from any blow or scratch. If you wanted to give it away this Christmas, or if you wanted to get it yourself, don’t think twice!

Is it the best sports camera of 2022?

There are so many sports cameras on the market right now that it is difficult to choose one. However, it is undeniable that GoPro It is one of the most reputable and famous brands. Perhaps because it is one of those that set a precedent, or perhaps because of the quality it offers in such a complicated field. Because it’s almost unbelievable how so much can fit in such a small body.

Be that as it may, it is undeniable that the HERO9 model is one of the most famous at the moment. And its specs They play a lot in your favor. First of all, it has a screen 2.2-inch with which you can see at the moment everything you are recording. It’s a plusbecause that way you won’t have to go blind, as happens with many other cameras of this style.

He is able to record videos in 5K, a resolution that will leave you speechless. That will make even though you do a lot zoom you can clearly see all the details, as well as enjoy all the details you have recorded. This is partly because it has a new speed sensor. 23.6MPwhich is significantly improved over previous models.

Get the GoPro HERO9 at the best price

Has a drums powerful, with which you can record for many hours without any problem. If what you are looking for is to be able to do Photographs In addition to video, you should know that it has a resolution of 20 MP. Although on paper it may not seem like much, the truth is that the results are totally spectacular.

Beyond all this, it is interesting to note that in this case you will not receive just the camera. In the pack you will also find a transport casean adhesive support to stick it to where you need it, a mounting buckle, a fixing screw and a rechargeable battery. You will not lack anything to record all your trips! make it yours by €349 instead of the more than €400 that is usually around.