The last victim of Stranger Things appeared in Game of Thrones

Stranger Things 4.

After a long wait that has lasted years, we can finally enjoy the fourth season of stranger things complete on the Netflix platform. The reception of this fourth installment in the highly successful series has been almost unanimously positive, praising her for her darker tone than everits cinematographic ending and the great performances where one stands out very, very especially.

last minute shock

Speaking of actors, this last season, like all the previous ones of the show, they have not been exempt from casualties within fiction which is located in the city of Hawkins (and other points on the globe). On this occasion we have been forced to say goodbye to some of the characters that have been present for much of the series.

Before continuing reading, we are going to talk about a specific death, so if you have not yet seen the last two episodes of the fourth season of stranger things, turn around You are warned.

Forever with you, comrade

Without a doubt, the death that has saddened the legions of fans of the series the most has been that of Eddie Munson, a newcomer, since his first appearance was at the beginning of precisely this fourth season of Stranger Things, and who gives life to the actor Joseph Quinn.

Eddie’s demise came at the hands of a flock of “bats” from the Inside Out world, after score the most epic guitar solo in television historytouching Master of Puppets of Metallica to distract the bugs… although they finally end up ending the life of the fan-favorite rocker, in a scene that few will be able to forget in the near future.

But hey, let’s not get sad, since we can still enjoy this great actor in other projects. Without going any further, Quinn made a small appearance in the hit HBO series, Game of Thronesthat only fans who have recently revisited the land of Westeros have been able to appreciate.

Eddie in Game of Thrones.

Although this small role does not have much narrative value, it is curious to see him in medieval fiction. This occurs within the fourth chapter of the seventh season, an episode in which Arya, after several seasons away from her homeland, Winterfell, returns home. However, two guards, one of them played by Joseph Quinn, rebuke her at the castle gate, telling her to turn around and go the way she came.

She explains to them that she is Arya Stark, part of the royal family, to which the guards reply that she has been dead for years. After a bit of a dispute between the warrior and the soldiers, they finally escort her inside the castle, where they prepare to inform Lady Sansa that her supposed sister has returned after years missing. However, before they could say anything to the Queen in the North, Arya slips away, leaving the two royal guards speechless. Including Joseph Quinn.