The latest version of watchOS could bring battery problems

watchos 8.4 battery apple watch

Almost a week ago we witnessed the launch of watchOS 8.4, a version that came along with other versions of Apple software for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. And despite the fact that they were not versions that introduced relevant novelties at a functional level, they did come to cover several problems. However, the Apple Watch seems to be doing the opposite.

Both forums and social networks have been filled with complaints from Apple watch users regarding the battery duration. In watchOS 8.4 we find that the problems charging some models have been resolved, but the autonomy has decreased more or less considerably. And the fact that they are not isolated cases raises alarm bells.

Which generations of Watch is it affecting?

It is not that they are extremely serious problems, but especially the users of Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 they are being condemned to having to charge their devices before the account. It is not that they are already watches with great autonomy, but with normal uses they should reach the end of the day.

Most of those affected indicate that the duration has decreased about 1 hour, although there are also some that point to even more. We insist on emphasizing that it is not something that happens to absolutely all devices and that many have noticed the same duration as in 8.3, but if this is your case, know that you are not alone.

what can you do to fix it

There are interesting tricks to save battery on the Watch, but it is clear that in the end they are more focused on increasing autonomy when everything is working normally than on solving software errors like this. Therefore, the best option in this situation is to restore the clock and see if after that it is possible to return to previous levels.

It is important that after the restoration you do not load any backup, so that you can prevent the error from appearing again. You can rest easy about data like workout and activity logs, which are synced via iCloud and always available. We know that it is tedious to have to configure the whole clock later, but it is currently the most effective way to try to fix it.

The last option you have left if you can’t solve it is also the most difficult: wait. And it is that you will have to be patient until a new update is released that corrects these problems. Unfortunately, the Californian company is the only one capable of 100% solving this type of problem. A priori, an intermediate update between the current 8.4 and 8.5 that will arrive in March does not seem to be on the horizon for the brand, but if this problem spreads too much and/or another serious problem is detected, they will surely release a new update. .