The latest video clip of Selena Gómez has been recorded with an iPhone 11 Pro

Apple wants to enhance the camera of its new iPhone 11 Pro since they assured in their presentation that it can be used to record videos in a very high quality at a professional level. And they wanted to make this statement a reality with an agreement with Selena Gómez since his latest video clip has been recorded mostly with an iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple and Selena Gómez team up in their latest video clip

Apple and Selena Gomez’s team reached a collaboration agreement so that the recording of the video clip of the song ‘Lose You To Love’ It was recorded with an iPhone 11 Pro. The result has been quite good and from Apple they have wanted to show off a small fragment on their YouTube channel under the series of videos baptized as ‘Shot on iPhone 11 Pro’.

This video clip that you can obviously see in full on the official channel of the singer has called us a lot for the quality of the recording and hardly anyone would think that it is recorded with a simple mobile. Obviously it has also had a spectacular direction by Sophie Muller.

Obviously, the iPhone has not made this incredible video, but it has been supported by adequate lighting and gimbals suitable for the iPhone that make it possible to play with the recording at these levels. But this does not detract from its merit either, since no matter how good lighting there is, the camera is a very important element.

Little by little, buying a professional camera is a bit silly since in mobile phones in general we are seeing incredibly good cameras with very interesting features. You just have to see the results in this video and you can already say that if you want to start, for example, your YouTube channel to share your opinions just buy a mobile with a good camera. In the past it was necessary to look at a professional camera like a Canon to be able to improve the image quality of our channel or our creations, but now it is no longer necessary.

Both Apple and other brands such as Huawei are doing very impressive things and we all hope that in the future this step will be much greater and the cameras will continue to advance in quality. It is possible that soon we will see the occasional Hollywood blockbuster recorded with this type of mobile camera, you never know.

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