The low cost gaming laptop brand PcCom for only €808

gaming laptop cover

We know it’s not easy to choose your brand new gaming laptop. If you are looking for something relatively solvent that is capable of offering you good performance and for a relatively solvent price, we bring you the PCCom brand gaming laptop, the Revolt One model that is revolutionizing the market for its quality-price ratio. Nothing beyond reality. Its technical part is simply impressive for the price it offers, competing with the big brands on the market. First of all, let’s see what it has to offer us and then, at what price, with its purchase link.

PcCom Revolt One: maximum power

The first thing that jumps out at you is the design of this device. As modern as it is updated for 2022. A simple black colour, it stands out for its matte-like black colour, with the PcCom logo on the main case. We open it and find a keyboard of the most gaming, backlit and one 15.6-inch screen and FHD resolution.

On the screen we find one of the great virtues of this device, which, for its price, offers a high quality resolution and watch out for this: 120 Hz! Not all laptops include them, and with 1080p and 120 Hz.

But in the power section is where we find the most important. In fact, we are talking about a processor that already seems to be the standard in laptops. gaming low cost: the Intel Core i5-11400H, as reliable as it is cheap for this type of device.

You come with 512GB of SDD, very to take into account because they are ultra fast charging. You’ll have your laptop on in no time. It also stands out for its 16GB of RAM at 3200 MHz. In other words, with this technical part there will be practically no task that will resist you.

Everything sounds great, and we haven’t talked about the graphics card yet: an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050. Yes, this model equips the brand’s latest generation of graphics cards with this access model, but with all the best technologies and the famous ray tracing for a unique experience. There will be no game or task that will resist you.

Also, it stands out for its refrigeration system. Rather double refrigerated. If we uncover the back, we find a double fan, one for the CPU and one for the GPU. The temperature will be reduced by up to 15%, always keeping it at the optimum temperature. As you can see, a compendium of hardware that will guarantee you the most professional usability for all kinds of programs and games… But, at what price?

Get now the PcCom offer

How could it be otherwise, this exclusive laptop from PcComponentes now has a great discount price. If it usually has a price of 1,049 euros, now it can be yours for only 808.53 euros. That is, 22% offer. Isn’t that a real bargain? Well yes, it is. We leave you the purchase link to PcComponentes, but run before they fly out of stock: