The MacBook Air with M1 on sale: so you can get it

macbook air sale

One of the Apple computers that has benefited the most from the arrival of the company’s own chips is the MacBook Air, since it is capable of offering a quality/price ratio that is practically unmatched in the market. If you add to that that it is temporarily on sale, it becomes a purchase opportunity that is almost mandatory to take advantage of.

The MacBook Air is discounted at Amazon

Apple computers, whatever the model, have a high price, that is, to be able to buy them and above all, to be able to enjoy the benefits that they are capable of granting to the user, you have to spend a good amount of money. For this reason, when these types of offers exist, all those users who are thinking or doubting whether to acquire it or not, have one of the best opportunities that they are going to find, because the discount is really worth it.

In this case we are talking about the MacBook Air with the M1 chip, of course, which has a 13-inch retina screen and 8 GB of RAM, since you can choose the internal storage when making the purchase, having the options of 256GB and 512GB SSD. Obviously, depending on the option you choose, the price will be higher or lower, but you can check it below, where we leave you all the discounts you have for this MacBook Air.

  • 256GB models:
    • Silver Finish: 154 euro discount.
    • Gold Finish: 154 euro discount.
    • Space Gray Finish: 146 euro discount.
  • 512GB models:
    • Silver Finish: 200 euro discount.
    • Gold Finish: 152 euro discount.
    • Space Gray Finish: 214 euro discount.

Power at a very affordable price

One of the questions that many users ask themselves before purchasing the MacBook Air is whether this computer is going to be able to satisfy the power and performance demands that its use requires. Well, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, one of the computers that has benefited the most from the introduction of Apple’s own chips is the MacBook Air, since it has considerably reduced the gap in power and performance with its older brother, the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air Late 2020

Therefore, we are before a computer that we can consider the ideal laptop for the vast majority of users. In the first place, it will give you the necessary power to carry out practically any task or activity, there are even some video editors that work with this device, although it is true that for this type of more professional audience, perhaps a superior option would be more recommendable. And on the other, the performance in terms of autonomy It’s really amazing, which is a point where all laptop users focus when deciding whether to buy or not.

Besides, his size It is ideal to be able to transport it with total ease and comfort, not to mention the design, clean, minimalist and attractive, available in up to three different finishes. In short, if the MacBook Air is already an always recommended purchase option, with this discount it is even more so.

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