The most versatile Philips coffee maker has dropped in price: go for it!

philips coffee maker

If for you the days do not begin until you have not been able to enjoy a good cup of coffee, today you are in luck. The Philips L’OR coffee maker Sublime Barista It is one of the best alternatives that you will find in the market, both for price and quality. Y it’s on sale right now in El Corte Inglés!

There is no drink like coffee today. Its flavor, its aroma and its power to wake you up make the perfect combination. It is precisely for this reason that so many people need a cup to face the day in a totally different way.

For those who want to start each morning with a good cup of coffee, we have one of the best alternatives. Why this coffee pot of capsules Philips automatic is so convenient and fast that in just a few minutes you will have a cup ready. In addition, it allows you to prepare various drinks, it is very versatile!

Philips coffee maker is 30% off

This amazing L’OR Bariste Sublime coffee maker allows you customize the amount of coffee What do you want to drink each day? This makes it a very useful and efficient machine, since you can choose between preparing either two single espressos or one double espresso. Do you want to serve yourself a coffee and another for your partner? It will take exactly the same! So there are no more arguments to see who is in a hurry in the morning, because you can both have your coffee at the same time.

It has 19 bar pressure to get the perfect espresso, so you can not have any complaints in this regard. As for the possibility of adjusting the volume of coffee, you can choose between 20 and 270 ml. In this way, you can personalize make the most of the coffee you drink each day and decide how strong you want it at any given time.

To this we must add that the drip tray it is fully adjustable. That will allow you to use your favorite cups, regardless of their size. Another point to consider is that the pieces They are dishwasher safe, so you can keep them clean in the best possible way.

It works with the L’OR Espresso and L’OR Barista capsules, allowing you to select from many different varieties of coffee. And it even includes a welcome assortment with 9 totally free capsules.

An opportunity that you cannot miss

As for other specifications techniques that you may need to know, the Philips coffee maker has a power of 1450 W. The capacity of the water tank reaches up to 800 ml, so you will not have to constantly think about refilling it. Along with this, it should be noted that the tank is removable so that you can clean it more easily.

It is a fairly compact coffee maker in terms of dimensions, which will allow you to store it easily if you are not using it. It weighs around 3.35 kg, so this factor will not be an inconvenience to store it if you need it.

As an extra note, you should know that automatically recognize the double capsule. This will allow you to drink a double coffee or prepare two coffees at the same time without any problem. Take advantage, since thanks to the 30% off that this Philips coffee machine has right now, it will be yours for less than €70.