The Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift and more at a minimum price

nintendo switch lowered amazon

The switch It is a recurring classic among those gifts that we could consider ‘perfect’. Undoubtedly, it has hundreds of virtues to enjoy the game anywhere, where you like it, how you like it. Well, we have good news if you wanted to get one: it’s at a great discount on eBay!

So now you know, if you are looking for the perfect gift, or perhaps a gift car to spend long afternoons or nights on the console, don’t think about it much longer. Keep in mind that the specific model is the V2 of the Nintendo Switch, a revision of the portable / desktop that you can use as you like.

And best of all is the discount that you have on eBay, one of your minimum prices. You can access it at this link , although we will explain how to apply the coupon at the end of the purchase. Do not forget, because it is essential!

The queen of portables: Nintendo Switch

Why does this stand out? console model? Well, first of all comment that it is a review of the first version. It incorporates a better chip that greatly improves its battery, becoming useful between 6 and 9 hours, all depending on use. It also improves performance very slightly. It is the version before the OLED. And you can complement it with many accessories!

Still, its screen is excellent in every way, being more up to date than ever. This console comes included with a dock, so it will serve you both to charge it and to be able to play with it connected to the tv with hdmi. All advantages!

And of course, its portable mode. You can take it wherever you want just by putting it in the case and attaching or detaching the famous Joy-Cons. There are also many controls to complement it, many of them with the official Nintendo license.

Those Joy-Con, it seems not, but they are the key to an unparalleled gaming experience. They work together, attached to the machine, or wirelessly. They bring HD vibration effects that will make your game feel immersive, which is very noticeable when playing.

Not only that, but they will also allow you to play the best interactive titles, such as Nintendo Sports, reviving the same way of playing as on the Wii, for example. Its advantages are multiple, of course!

big discount on ebay

You have already verified that it is a true top of the range in its field. It doesn’t fail! This Nintendo Switch is a unique opportunity for all those who want to enjoy the best game both portable and sitting on the sofa.

But the best of all is not that, but the discount. You will have to access the link that we leave you below and you will simply have to add the code TECH22 to be able to make the exclusive discount on eBay. The console will be around 220 euros at the end of the purchase, and it costs almost 300 euros!