The Nintendo Switch plummets to €263 on Amazon: fly!

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One of the consoles that continues to attract attention and remains a true top seller even more than five years after its launch, that is still the switch. A console that is worth playing at any time, in any mode: desktop in your television or monitor, laptop… The success of the Japanese brand’s console lies in its concept, so different from the rest, and games that continue to make a whole generation fall in love. If you were looking for one with a great offer, here it is!

Nintendo Switch: who does not want one?

It’s that simple: who doesn’t want a switch? As we have told you, its great success lies in the portability and long hours of play that it promises, as well as in its ‘dock’ or desktop mode that attracts so much attention. However, five years after its arrival, the model remains practically intact, although with some improvements.

This is the second version that Nintendo reviewed and released the 2n 109, which has much more autonomy than the initial model. It is not the latest OLED version, but it will be more than enough to play and not spend a fortune. In fact, it has two more hours of autonomy, which is appreciated.

Use it in portable mode and take it wherever you want, it hardly weighs and you can remove the controls, play with it supported… OR hook it up to tv for those relaxed games on the sofa. It’s a real gem!

The first mode is the TV mode, which allows you to place the console on the base and play in HD on any television; the second mode is desktop, remove the joy cons, attach the controller and extend the support to rest it on the table and play wherever it catches you; and finally, the portable mode, take it wherever you want, literally.

Ideal to play alone or in company, sharing the joy-cons with your partner or friends; with a screen that offers a very good resolution and long hours to all kinds of titles and games: Zelda, Super Mario, Luigi’s Mansion… The market is practically infinite! Get involved in those mythical Nintendo games that are more on the agenda than ever.

In addition, you can play with up to eight consoles for multiplayer games, ideal for children who want to play with their friends. If you couple the two Joy-Con to bracket includingyou can play separately, as a fully functional individual controller.

Very good price on Amazon!

If the Nintendo console stands out for something, it is also for not lowering its price regularly. However, it is possible to get hold of it at a good price this time. If it usually costs 299 euros, Amazon’s offer leaves it in just 263 euros.

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