The PcCom gaming laptop that flies: from €1,049 to €749: run!

Gaming laptops on a bed

There are offers that cannot be missed. This is the case of the laptop that we bring you here today, signed by PcComponentes. As we have told you on occasion, the brand has released its own range of laptops at crazy prices. And among all its variants, we found a series of them that are gaming type, intended for games. During the PcDays of 2022 you can enjoy great discounts on most of them, and one of the biggest discounts is on this PcCom Revolt One model. Let’s see what it’s about!

Gaming features with the PCCom Revolt One

Although it is its own brand, we did not find any detail that is not worth it. One could even say that it competes with the big brands, both in performance and design. And it is that in this last section it is very similar to the competition of other big brands like HPfor instance.

It has a completely black design, with the keyboard backlit with RGB colors that you can modify to your liking. For the rest, on the part of the lid we find a smooth design with the PcCom logo. We like it in general. It is the most gaming!

But that is not the most important thing, but rather the power. We are looking for the perfect candidate to play all kinds of titles anywhere. And this PCCom, in principle, complies with all of this. Starting with your processor, an Intel Core i5-11400H installed by most of these terminals. They are accompanied by more than enough 16GB of RAM and 512GB of ultra-fast internal SSD storage.

You will enjoy all the advantages of these hardware components in any type of game. Especially in day-to-day tasks thanks to the ultra-fast SSD. But without a doubt, one of the great benefits of this laptop is that it already includes the new and latest generation graphics: the RTX. Specifically, we can find the 3050 installed in this model.

That’s why we say gaming to the top: because thanks to it you will be able to move practically all the current titles on the market. And all this without having to spend so much money in the end. Finally, the 15.6-inch screen deserves special mention, a more than acceptable size. It has a Full HD resolution at 1080 pixels, with the anti-glare panel and 120 Hz refresh rate.

In short, we could not find a gaming laptop with these features for such a good price usually. It is well worth it now for its price. We can assure you that it will play the latest games without too much trouble, as well as video or photo editing tasks. But at what price?

Insane price for the PCCom

This PCCom can be yours for only €749, when its usual price is €1049. A more than affordable price, right? We think so. Naturally, you can get hold of it through PcComponentes in the link that we share below, although for a limited time thanks to the PCDays of 2022: