The perfect mini projector for your home costs less than €100

Home projector Yaber Pro V7

If we are hooked on a good number of series and we do not want to miss any chapter when we are away from home, one of the best options that you can assess buy us a mini projector. Now in Amazon’s “Black Friday Week” we can get this from the YABER brand with a good discount, standing at its minimum price.

Specifically, we are talking about the mini projector YABER V5 capable of broadcasting images in FullHD so that we can enjoy our movies and series with the best quality, both at home and anywhere we go, since it is very portable. And the best of all is that we will be able to acquire it at an unbeatable price . Keep reading because you will surely be interested.

Take the cinema anywhere

We are talking about a mini portable projector with 7000 lumens that has a 1280 x 720p native resolution, being compatible with 1920x1080p resolution and being able to reach 200 inches. It is made of a strong casing that is resistant to extreme temperatures. Its luxurious and modern metal lens is capable of high light transmittance and high refraction to provide an image of excellent clarity and brighter, clearer colors than similar projectors.

We will be able to take it wherever we want, since weighs less than a kilo It comes with a transport bag and a tripod. It is equipped with Dual Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz to get better signal speeds for smoother streaming. It also has SRS and Bluetooth 5.1 that allows us to connect headphones or wireless speakers to enjoy the best sound. It also allows you to mirror the screen of your smartphone or tablet on the screen since it is compatible with AirPlay, Miracast and DLNA.

With its built-in remote control we can reduce the size of the image from 100% to 50% without having to move the projector. Depending on the viewing distance, between 1.5 and 5.5 meters we will be able to project images from 45 to 200 inches. It is perfect for watching movies, playing video games or watching the World Cup on the big screen. In addition, it incorporates a good cooling system, with heat dissipation effect and capable of greatly reduce noise during playback, so that nothing distracts us.


It is equipped with 1 HDMI port, 2 USB ports, AV port and 3.5mm headphones. It is also compatible with the most popular TV Boxes such as Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and Chromecast. We can also connect computers, tablets, consoles, DVD players, card readers, USB memories, multimedia players, mobile phones, etc.

Take this mini projector with great discount

As we have been able to verify, the YABER V5 mini projector can become a good alternative to our television. being compact and portablel we can take it with us on a trip and enjoy our movies on the big screen. Its wide connectivity makes it compatible with all types of devices.

YABER V5 mini projector

And best of all, we will be able to buy it at a good discount. Although its recommended retail price is €138.99 on Amazon, although it is currently reduced to €106.96. Also, if we check the box “Apply coupon of 10 € stays available at only €96.96. Without a doubt, a good opportunity to get this mini project at an unbeatable price.