The portable air conditioner: the ideal solution for this summer

portable air conditioning

The summer it’s here and, with it, all those hot nights when it’s so hard to fall asleep. Don’t worry if you find yourself in that situation, because since Range Tops We have the solution you were looking for. You won’t need more than one portable air conditioningand in LIDL they are greatly reduced!

Thank you for the incredible offers you have launched since LIDL, now it will be much easier than ever to get a portable air conditioner. It’s not just that they have some kind of discount, it’s that there are some models that are practically half price. And, in addition, from brands as recognized and reputed as comfee.

Forget about being hot this summer in your own home and rest like never before. You just have to continue reading!

Reduced portable air conditioner models at LIDL: a bargain!

To make your task much easier, we have made a selection of different air conditioning devices. In this way, you will only have to choose the one that best suits your specific needs and save money with your purchase.

Compatible with Alexa: Comfee

The first model of portable air conditioner that we bring is from the brand comfee, and it is perfect for rooms of less than 25 square meters. In other words, it could be perfectly the one chosen for your bedroom or living room, as long as it is not too big.

One of the advantages of this model is that it brings with it a remote control included, so you don’t have to constantly get up when you want to make changes. As if this were not enough, it is also compatible with both Alexa and the Google Assistant, something that will make your life even easier. And it even has a led screen so you can see at a glance all the parameters you have set.

In addition to serving refrigerate any room, it will also allow you to dehumidify and ventilate easily. As for the temperature range, it is perfect if you are looking to keep the room between 17 and 35 degrees. You can even put timers so that it turns off automatically when you need it. Lastly, the sound power level it stays around 62 dB.

Although it usually costs around €400, right now it can be yours for less than €220.

A portable air conditioner for large rooms

The next model we bring is More powerful. It is also from Comfee, but in this case it promises to cool rooms of up to 31 square meters. In this way, it becomes the perfect device for those whose apartment or house is larger.

comfee pac 900

Again, it has a led screen that will make your life much easier when it comes to marking temperature ranges or even putting timers. To this you must add that you can control it through the most famous virtual assistants, and that it also has a remote control. The sound it produces is somewhat higher, 63 dB, but it is not something that you are going to notice in excess.

In addition to cooling any medium room, it is also perfect for dehumidifying the area. In this way, the air will be much cleaner and you will find yourself more comfortable.

Being a more powerful air conditioner, it also increases the price. It is usually around €600, but right now you can get it for less than €280.

The most powerful: an air with 1450 W

If your apartment is very large, or you live in a house with quite large rooms, it is better that you opt for an air conditioner with more force. This model, also from Comfee, has 1450 W of power and is capable of cooling even rooms of 41 square meters. Thus it is able to guarantee a good temperature even in large spaces.

comfee 1450w

You can adjust the temperature between 17 and 35 degrees. In addition, this has the advantage of having a greater dehumidification capacity than previous models: up to 83 liters in 24 hours.

The energy efficiency It will never be a problem since, like the previous ones, it has a class A. Thanks to its LED screen you will be able to control all the parameters in a simple way, because it has a very intuitive system. In addition, it has a remote control which will allow you to mark timers and change parameters.

As for the noise, it remains at 63 dB, so it will not be something that is too annoying for you. The reduction that it entails will catch your attention, since it has dropped from €720 to less than €380.

Our recommendation

Any model that we have mentioned will work well for you, as long as you know how to adjust it to the room you want to cool. However, our advice is that you opt for the second of comfeethe one offered by PAC 9000. Thanks to the power it has, it will be able to cool beyond the room you put it in.

Although you may think that it is not necessary, investing in a portable air conditioner is always a good idea in the long term. Because you don’t know when temperatures can rise disproportionately, as has already happened this year with the first great heat wave.